Getting there

The Schatzalp – also known as the ‘Magic Mountain’ – is located high above Davos and can be reached from the Schatzalpbahn valley station in just four minutes.


A walk through the Alpinum – a botanical alpine garden with approximately 5,000 plants from all mountainous regions of the world – is an unmissable experience. A particular highlight is the largest collection of edelweiss in the world with 80 different varieties.

Walk to the Edelweiss bench

The Edelweiss bench is a 10-minute walk from Panorama-Restaurant Schatzalp.

Best view

From the Edelweiss bench, you can enjoy breathtaking views over the sweeping Landwasser Valley and various side valleys. It also offers views of Davos from more than 1,800 metres above sea level.


Combine a hike on the Schatzalp with an adrenalin rush by speeding down on the summer toboggan run. It is more than 500 metres long – lots of fun for young and old.

Restaurant / Hotel

Berghotel Schatzalp has a legendary status thanks to the author Thomas Mann, and the Thomas Mann trail, with its many quotes, conjures up scenes from his novel "The Magic Mountain".

Nature with a hint of glamour

Travelling to, and being on, the Schatzalp is a fascinating journey back in time, featuring highlights such as the historic Schatzalp Hotel and an alpine landscape that served as inspiration for a novel published in 1924.

Established in 1900 as a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, the Schatzalp Hotel was the scene of Thomas Mann’s novel “The Magic Mountain”. Today, the hotel exudes a cosy ambience – and is a great place for skiers, nature lovers and movie fans.

Nice and slow

As the name suggests, tranquility prevails in the “Slow Mountain“ ski region. The leisurely slopes are ideal for children and for skiers who enjoy easy runs. The ride up the mountain is literally steeped in history: commissioned in 1899, the Schatzalp funicular was the first in Switzerland to be used for winter sports. Perched up high, at 2,352 m a.s.l., the nostalgic “Strela Pass“ restaurant pampers visitors with culinary delights and impressive vistas of Davos.

Hollywood in Grisons

In summer, a visit to the “Alpinum“ botanical garden should not be missed. It encompasses 5,000 species from every corner of the globe, including New Zealand, Nepal and Tibet. The garden is the responsibility of expert gardener Klaus Oetjen who describes his work as follows: ”I spend the winter looking for plants and the summer cultivating them. Today, our garden is home to the world’s largest Edelweiss collection with as many as sixty different varieties.”

Hollywood in Grisons