Brienzer Rothorn

Brienzer Rothorn

Getting there

The train ride to the summit of the Brienzer Rothorn takes an hour. The historic steam-powered rack railway of the Brienz Rothorn Bahn chugs its way through lovely mountain pastures and forests up to a truly breathtaking panoramic view.


A hike along the peak trail that connects the mountain station at 7362 feet above sea level (2244 m) with the Rothorn summit is also suitable for less seasoned hikers. The experience promises magical moments, such as spotting Edelweiss flowers on the side of the trail. On a clear day, hikers on the trail will get to see no fewer than 693 mountain peaks!

Walk to the Edelweiss bench

The Edelweiss bench is less than a ten-minute walk from the Brienz Rothorn Kulm station.

Best view

The view of the turquoise-coloured Lake Brienz will take your breath away! Take a seat and take in the stunning scenery.


True to the saying “the early bird catches the worm”, early risers can watch a beautiful sunrise from the Edelweiss bench, followed by a copious Sunday brunch in the Berghaus Rothorn Kulm (alpine lodge) - with breathtaking mountain views thrown into the mix.

Restaurant / Hotel

Overnight accommodation is available in the alpine lodge “Berghaus Rothorn Kulm” – where hungry hikers can treat their palate to a wide variety of culinary dishes, with a range of light snacks, tasty appetiser platters and delicious gourmet specials to choose from.

Brienzer Rothorn