Guidelines for kennel sizes

We adhere the international aviation authority IATA regulations for transport containers. Kennels bigger than size 5 may only be transported as cargo.

Kennel size Dimensions in cm Weight in kg
1 60 x 45 x 40 4
2 71 x 50 x 51 6
3 82 x 57 x 60 8
4 93 x 65 x 68 11
5 105 x 75 x 79 14

Please visit the following link for further IATA information about flying with animals:Traveler's Pet Corner

Charges for transporting animals

The following prices apply in all booking classes and per leg.



Flights to / from Price
Europe CHF 69.-
North Africa and Jordan CHF 92.-
Short-haul intercontinental CHF 103.-
Medium-haul intercontinental CHF 115.-
Long-haul intercontinental CHF 126.-

Flights to / from Price kennel 1 Price kennel 2- 5
Europe CHF 115.- CHF 230.-
North Africa and Jordan CHF 149.- CHF 299.-
Short-haul intercontinental CHF 172.- CHF 346.-
Medium-haul intercontinental CHF 195.- CHF 391.-
Long-haul intercontinental CHF 218.- CHF 437.-

Our tip: Register your animal

Your animal may be registered up to 4 working days prior to departure as the number of animals per aircraft is limited. Notice that every passenger is allowed to carry not more than 2 pets (in a permitted transport container). Seats for passengers travelling with animals in cabin are allocated free of charge (for max one guest per registered animal).

Passengers who booked their flight on please contact our Service Center +41 (0)848 333 593 or via our contact form. All other guests secure their animal registration and free seat reservation (for passengers travelling with animals in cabin) through their booking office.