Zurich Airport, 15 September 2023

Edelweiss brings its own fragrance on board

·     Edelweiss welcomes its passengers at boarding with a new refreshing fragrance

·     The fragrance spray "Ginger Voyage" was created exclusively for Edelweiss

·     The fragrance is produced by the Swiss company Soeder

Edelweiss has already been providing its guests with Soeder soap and lotion in the aircraft toilets since this spring. As a follow-up to these two popular products, the fragrance spray called "Ginger Voyage" has been developed in recent months. From now on, the fragrance spray will be used by cabin crew in the entrance area immediately before boarding.

"The Ginger Voyage fragrance is intended to awaken a longing for travel and allow our passengers to indulge in holiday dreams even before take-off has taken place," says Martin Rast, Head of Product & Services at Edelweiss. Fresh ginger, a hint of eucalyptus and pink grapefruit are just three of many other fragrances that give the "Ginger Voyage" spray its fresh, spicy note.

The fragrance is not available in stores and is used exclusively by Edelweiss.

About Edelweiss

Edelweiss is Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline and flies to the most beautiful destinations in the world. The airline reliably ensures a pleasant and carefree travel time to the holiday destination and looks after the safety and well-being of its guests with commitment and cordiality. Edelweiss is a sister company of Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) and a member of the Lufthansa Group.


Further information:

Andreas Meier
Head of Corporate Communications
Edelweiss Air AG