Zurich Airport, 19 July 2023

On Edelweiss flights you can now drink Pepita, Sinalco, Elmer Citro and Rivella

·       Drinks selection to be extended on all flights

·       Swiss cult drinks available free of charge in all classes

Swiss people drink Rivella on the ski slopes, Sinalco at the open-air swimming pool, Elmer Citro on school trips and Pepita is a memory of their childhood and youth for many. Edelweiss is now bringing these cult drinks on board and offering an even more varied range of drinks on all flights. In addition to the existing drinks, Pepita, Sinalco, Elmer Citro and Rivella Rot will now be available on all Edelweiss flights on a rotating basis.

Martin Rast, Head of Product and Services at Edelweiss: "For years we have been focusing on regional Swiss products of the highest quality for our in-flight catering. We are underlining this promise with the introduction of these Swiss cult drinks. For our Swiss guests, these brands are associated with many memories. For our foreign guests, we bring a piece of Swiss history and culture closer. We are convinced that all our guests will love the new beverage selection."

From now on, the Swiss cult drinks will be available free of charge on all Edelweiss flights in all classes on a rotating basis.

Details and links to the Swiss cult drinks

Pepita is synonymous with grapefruit drinks. Since 1949, the fresh and thirst-quenching drink with the unmistakable Pepita taste has been available everywhere in Switzerland. It contains 12% best grapefruit juice. www.pepita.ch

Sinalco has been unique since 1905 and, thanks to its unmistakable taste of oranges, lemons and mandarins, is a popular sweet drink with young and old alike. www.sinalco.ch

Elmer Citro is a lemon flavoured lemonade. It is based on the practically nitrate-free mineral water from the St. Martin mineral spring near Elm, Canton Glarus. www.elmercitro.ch

Rivella Rot is popularly known as Switzerland's national drink. It consists of milk serum and a mix of natural fruit and herbal extracts. www.rivella.ch

About Edelweiss

Edelweiss is Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline and flies to the most beautiful destinations in the world. The airline reliably ensures a pleasant and carefree travel time to the holiday destination and looks after the safety and well-being of its guests with commitment and cordiality. Edelweiss is a sister company of Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) and a member of the Lufthansa Group.


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Andreas Meier
Head of Corporate Communications
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