Zurich Airport, 5th February 2018

Edelweiss Builds a Home of Hope

Edelweiss has operated flights to San José since May 2017. The fact that poverty is a part of everyday life in Costa Rica -and in other beautiful holiday destinations as well- is something Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline chooses not to ignore. For Edelweiss, Social Responsibility does not stop at the Swiss border. Instilled with that sense of responsibility, 23 Edelweiss employees, together with CEO Bernd Bauer, presented an impoverished family in a poor San José neighbourhood with the gift of a house – which they had built with their own hands.

Social Responsibility ‒ two big words, especially for an airline that flies passengers to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations where, in some cases, poverty is a harsh reality. For Edelweiss, assuming Corporate Social Responsibility means not just being aware of this reality – but actively lending a hand so as to make a difference.

A home for a family

So, in keeping with that principle, an Edelweiss team travelled to the capital of Costa Rica to provide tangible support. Within the scope of the project “Homes of Hope”, the employees of the leisure travel airline built a house for an impoverished family in a poor San José neighbourhood.

In just two days, the Edelweiss team of three pilots, nine flight attendants and twelve office staff transformed 35 plasterboards, 120 brick panels, 1000 nails and 200 screws into a new home. Edelweiss CEO Bern Bauer was at the forefront of the project: “We didn’t just build a house, we gave a family the gift of a future. At the same time, the experience also strengthened our own team spirit.” The Edelweiss team also worked hard to collect donations and were able to donate clothes, shoes and some toys to the seven children. Needless to say, they also presented the family with some Edelweiss souvenirs: cuddly toys and model airplanes now adorn the new home, so that the Molina Rosales family will always remember the Edelweiss team.

Breaking the cycle of poverty

Edelweiss is supporting the project within the scope of the Lufthansa Group charity “help alliance”. This also includes collecting donations on Edelweiss flights – e.g. “left-over” foreign coins. But Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline wants to do more than just collect money. Because it is aware of its responsibility. And because, for Edelweiss, Corporate Social Responsibility does not stop at the Swiss border.

About Edelweiss

Edelweiss is Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline and flies to the most beautiful destinations in the world. With a fleet of 15 aircraft in 2018, the airline operates flights to 67 destinations in 32 countries. Every year, some 1.8 million passengers fly with Edelweiss to their holiday destination and enjoy a relaxing travel experience. This includes great service on board provided with the warmth, reliability and hospitality that Edelweiss is known for. Edelweiss is an affiliate of Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) and a member of the Lufthansa Group.

Founded in 1990, the organisation “Homes of Hope International” built its first house in Tijuana, Mexico, in May of that same year. Two decades on, some 4000 houses had been built in 16 countries, including the first one in Costa Rica in 2009. The house the Edelweiss team built for the Molina Rosales family of nine brings the total of Homes of Hope in Costa Rica to 178.

The new home can help break the cycle of poverty for this Costa Rican family. Edelweiss is proud and delighted to have contributed to creating real hope.



Further information:

Andreas Meier
Head of Corporate Communications
Edelweiss Air AG