Zurich Airport | Braunwald, 14th March 2017

An Enchanting Connection

With a bit of luck, visitors and hikers in the car-free village of Braunwald may just get a glimpse of a dainty Edelweiss flower growing shyly in a remote corner of this stunning mountain setting. Since Tuesday, 14th March, the queen of alpine flowers can also be admired in XXL format – in the shape of an aircraft cabin seat.

The enchanting village of Braunwald in the canton of Glarus is one of the nicest places in Switzerland. It is also where the iconic Edelweiss flower feels particularly at home. Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline, Edelweiss, saw this as an opportunity to name an Airbus after the region and to thus carry the region’s beauty into the world. In return, on 14th March, Edelweiss presented Braunwald with a gift: a wooden bench in the shape of an aircraft cabin seat that now graces the alpine landscape and invites hikers and passers-by to take a seat.


Tradition and adventure

The inauguration of the new bench attracted a host of visitors. Besides Fridolin Hösli, Director of Braunwald-Klausenpass Tourismus AG, Corinne Römer, Edelweiss Senior Marketing Manager, and Andreas Meier, Edelweiss Senior Manager Head of Corporate Communications, numerous other guests arrived at the event in the globally unique Gumen chairlift/gondola – among them two ladies with a very special connection: Gabriela Heer who works for Braunwald-Klausenpass Tourismus AG, happened upon her twin sister, Sonja Heer, who is a flight attendant at Edelweiss. Corinne Römer said it best: “The Edelweiss flower, the amazing views from above and now the two sisters – Edelweiss and Braunwald truly belong together.” To which Fridolin Hösli fittingly added “Braunwald and Edelweiss stand for Swiss tradition and family friendliness; that is what connects us.” Families now have the chance to sit on the Edelweiss bench and start dreaming about their next holiday. Happy travels!

Further information:

Andreas Meier
Head of Corporate Communications
Edelweiss Air AG