Zurich Airport, 1st December 2016

A special “Bratwurst” sausage made for Edelweiss

Winter in Switzerland is the time of year when many traditional Swiss foods are enjoyed across the country – and now on Edelweiss flights too! Passengers travelling with Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline between 1st December 2016 and 31st May 2017 will have the chance to savour some popular Swiss delicacies. The airline is delighted to pamper passengers with high-quality foods, including a sausage that is available exclusively on Edelweiss flights.



“Do you wish to roam forever onward? See! The Good lies so near. Only learn to seize good fortune. For good fortune is always here.“ If one did not know better, one could almost believe that the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe penned his poem “Erinnerung” (Remember) specifically for Edelweiss. Roaming forever onward is definitely an enjoyable pastime – but coming home is no less heart-warming – particularly if your flight home encompasses Swiss treats like “Roesti” potatoes, “Bratwurst” sausages, “Nüsslisalat mit Ei” (field salad with egg) and “Rivella” (Swiss milk-whey-based soft drink). In other words: a touch of Switzerland above the clouds provided by Edelweiss!

Culinary fusion of tradition and contemporariness

Edelweiss has a tradition of using regional and innovative products, which are locally sourced: “For many years, we have focused on collaborating closely with Swiss suppliers, thus combining tradition with contemporariness. This is something our flight passengers have come to appreciate,“ says Edelweiss CEO Bernd Bauer.

In keeping with that principle, the arguably most traditional of all Swiss dishes can now be enjoyed in Economy Class: “Bratwurst” sausage and “Roesti” potatoes served with an onion sauce. Of course it’s not just any old “Bratwurst”! The “Schwägalp Bratwurst“ is a special creation by butcher Ueli Zeller from Herisau in the canton of Appenzell. The sausage is available exclusively on Edelweiss flights. Ueli Zeller loves to create new flavours by making minor adjustments (through seasoning, for instance), yet he always sets great store by natural, genuine products. “Our butcher’s shop is strongly rooted in Switzerland and we want to offer our customers a special joy-filled experience. The same applies to Edelweiss, which makes us such a great match,“ says Ueli Zeller.

Smoked salmon trout from the canton of Aargau and seasonal delicacies

Passengers travelling in Edelweiss Business Class can expect something of a “Tour de Suisse” for the palate, which includes smoked salmon trout from the canton of Aargau served with a quinoa salad, horseradish-dill mayonnaise and field salad with egg. The smoked salmon trout is produced by the Kuratli family, who are experts in their field and refine the trout using traditional craftsmanship paired with the process of cold smoking in the family business’s brick smokehouse in Nussbaumen. And for passengers who long for a touch of the Alps above the clouds, there are some delicious Grisons specialities to be had: a duet of “Capuns” (chard-wrapped dumplings) and “Quarkpizokel” (curd and buckwheat noodles) served with a cream sauce.

Some real seasonal highlights await passengers in Business Class, including December classics such as roast saddle of venison (Swiss origin) with a game cream sauce, served with “Spätzle” (egg noodles), red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and glazed chestnuts. The Edelweiss Christmas menu is filet of veal with a morel cream sauce, served with potato gratin and glazed carrots.

The place for “Bernese Platter” lovers to be in January or February is in the sky, or more precisely on an Edelweiss flight, where passengers will be treated to Bernese tongue sausage, smoked bacon and boiled potatoes. And true to the arrival of spring, Saltimbocca of veal and white asparagus will be on the Edelweiss menu from March until May 2017.

Valais pragmatism meets southern sweetness

The greatest skill in terms of merging tradition with contemporariness is displayed in the dessert served in Edelweiss Business Class: a marriage of “Rivella”, Switzerland’s official thirst quencher, with Valais pragmatism and alpine sweetness. The result? A jelly of “Rivella” with Valais rye bread crumble and an Edelweiss panna cotta. No more need be said as tasting for oneself is worth a thousand words. Suffice to say that this dessert may well have everyone asking for seconds!

Further information:

Andreas Meier
Head of Corporate Communications
Edelweiss Air AG