Where can I find information about federal subsidies?

Directly at the Federal Office for Civil Aviation - financial aid for training in the field of aviation (LFG 103 / VFAL)

Federal Office for Civil Aviation

Where can I find details about the Ab Initio training and the individual course modules?

Further information on Ab Initio training can be found directly on the LAT website:


How is the Ab Initio training funded?

After a successful aptitude test, the candidate receives a loan agreement with Edelweiss. You are not employed by Edelweiss during your pilot training.
Only after successful training at LAT will you be employed as First Officer at Edelweiss.

Summary of costs :

CHF 18,000 (max. CHF 60,000 interest-free if no subsidies, repayable over 5 years)

Cantonal subsidy:
CHF 22,500 (depending on the canton of residence)

Federal subsidy (LFG 103):
CHF 64,500 (depending on positive Assessment)

Edelweiss share:
CHF 30,000 (after successful completion of training and employment)

Total training costs:
CHF 135,000

All cantonal subsidies (higher technical college HF) and/or financial aid from the federal government (LFG 103 / VFAL) are deducted from the training costs and thus benefit the borrower in full. Edelweiss expects the borrower to meet all the requirements to be eligible for the subsidy.

Additional costs during the Ab Initio training:

approx. CHF 180.00

depending on personal needs

Parking card LAT:
CHF 100.00 Visa

approx. CHF 860.00

Medical examinations
EASA Medical Class 1: CHF 500.00
Follow-up examination (annual): approx. CHF 200.00

flight phase USA
Rental car: Depending on personal needs
Additional overnight stay: approx. CHF 200.00 / night (if required or required)

Examinations & license fees: approx. CHF 2,500

Who bears the costs for travel, any overnight stays and meals during the aptitude test?

The costs are borne by each candidate themselves.

Is accommodation provided during the training?

During the flight phases in Grenchen and Vero Beach, accommodation is available for a fee. In Kloten, LAT will be happy to help you find suitable accommodation. The students often share flats with classmates.

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