Are tattoos allowed?

Permanent or temporary tattoos must always be covered by uniform parts.

Tattoos on upper and lower arms and legs must be covered by uniform parts so that they are never visible (long-sleeved blouses and shirts, trousers). They must also not be visible through the uniform parts.

Tattoos on hands, wrists, face, neck, neck and décolleté are not allowed. Covering with plaster or camouflage is also not allowed.

Ladies: Tattoos on the feet are allowed as long as they are below the ankle. If the tattoos are at or above the ankle, you must wear uniform trousers.

Please contact us before applying if you are unsure.

If you have the tattoos removed, they must no longer be visible when you apply. Therefore, only apply after the tattoos have been completely removed.

Are there any other rules regarding appearance?

Please consult the «Appearance / Uniform» topic.

Do female cabin crew members have to wear makeup while working?

Yes. Wearing make-up, eye make-up and red lipstick is compulsory for women at work.

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