Why can't I apply if I'm less than 158cm tall?

This specification is relevant to security. Certain work utensils (e.g. emergency equipment) are stowed on the plane in such a way that you would not be able to reach them with a body height of less than 158 cm.

Can I also have the medical check-up carried out by another doctor/doctor's practice before I am employed?

No, the medical check must be carried out by SWISS Medical in Kloten.

What does good health mean?

Working in the cabin cannot be compared to working on the ground. It may be that a physical complaint or illness allows you to work normally, but not to fly. Therefore, a flight medical examination after a successful assessment and before employment is absolutely necessary.

I already have a valid EASA Medical license. Do I still have to go through the check-up?

Yes, every candidate must undergo a medical examination at SWISS Medical in Kloten.

Which diopter values ​​are permitted for an application to Edelweiss?

This will be clarified and determined by Swiss Medical Services.

I have another medical question

Please contact our medical service directly:

SWISS International Air Lines AG
Medical Services
P.O. Box / ZRHLX / DHM
8058 Zurich Airport
Tel. 058 584 68 33
Fax 058 584 68 45

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