A Treat Above the Clouds

Passengers on board our planes enjoy delicious, seasonal food prepared with the highest quality regional products. In addition to Swiss classics, we also offer typical dishes from our divine overseas holiday destinations.

Water, soft drinks and hot drinks are complimentary in Economy Class. Alcoholic beverages are available for a fee. We accept credit and debit cards as well as Google and Apple Pay as a method of payment.

Inspired by Our Dream Destinations

On the flights back to Switzerland, in addition to a Swiss meal, there is also a choice of typical local dishes from our dream holiday destinations overseas. Created by local chefs and tasted by our food testers. Because good food makes for a good holiday mood, we present a dessert inspired by one of our dream destinations on long-haul flights from Switzerland. With these exotic dessert creations, you can get in the mood for your holiday.


The Edelweiss Box

The specially developed Edelweiss Box is fresh, unique and modern. It also elegantly covers food, eliminating the need for a disposable plastic lid. In line with our desire to make the on-board experience as sustainable as possible, the Edelweiss Box is reusable.

Economy sandwichs on short-haul flights

Swiss Specialities

We honour our heritage by serving passengers products that reflect our roots, including bread from Bertschi bakery and Swiss Biberli (gingerbread filled with almond paste). Enjoy a glass of our Alpine Ice Tea from Swiss Alpine Herbs.

Special Meals

We offer a wide choice of special meals to cater to your special needs on any flight. Please select and order your meal up to 4 days before your departure.

Special meals