A Treat Above the Clouds

Passengers on board our planes enjoy delicious, seasonal food prepared with the highest quality regional products.

Business meal on short-haul flights

Gruet Champagne

In Business Class Edelweiss offers a Rosé Champagne from the Gruet winery. It surprises with aromas of red fruits such as strawberries, cherries and raspberries, which combine wonderfully with brioche and toast flavours. In addition to the Rosé Champagne, a Brut Sélection is also available.


Good Food and Good Wine Go Hand in Hand

Good food is best enjoyed with a good wine. Our exclusive wines are selected to match the season and our menus. In this respect, we are delighted to have Wyhus Belp AG as our esteemed partner. As a “Member of the Bataillard Group”, Wyhus Belp is part of one of the largest privately run wine-trading corporations in Switzerland. For more than forty years, the unwavering commitment of the company has been the sale of quality wines from Switzerland and abroad whilst maintaining a close personal contact with the wine producers.

Wyhus Belp

Swiss Specialities

With products from our homeland, we emphasise our roots and serve you bread from the Bertschi bakery, puff pastries, Birchermüesli from Bonatura and our Biberli.

Special Meals

We offer a wide choice of special meals to cater to your special needs on any flight. This service is offered in all travel classes on long-haul flights and selected short- and medium-haul flights. Please select and order your meal up to 4 days before your departure.

Special meals