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Sechseläuten Böögg
Zurich Sechselaeuten parade

Sechseläuten in April

The Sechseläuten, an age-old tradition in Zurich, has long been a harbinger of the beginning of spring. The festival features a colourful display of historical costumes worn by members of the guilds, accompanied by music ensembles, majestic horses, blooming flowers, fluttering flags and the central figure, the Böögg. When the clock in the Grossmünster church strikes 6 p.m., the pyre, on which a snowman figure stands, is lit. The snowman's head, filled with fireworks, determines the fate of the upcoming summer, depending on how quickly it explodes. According to the people of Zurich, a quick explosion means a beautiful summer.


Zurich street parade

Street Parade in August

Experience the biggest techno party in the world! In August, Zurich transforms into a centre of electrifying energy as hundreds of thousands of electronic music lovers take to the streets, united by their shared love of techno. Thirty "Love Mobiles", each individually decorated, serve as mobile stages while a host of talented DJs perform their tracks. The parade starts at Utoquai and ends at Hafendamm Enge. In addition to the mobile stages, seven larger stages will be set up around Lake Zurich to attract top acts. But the festivities do not end with the Street Parade. After the official event at midnight, the festivities continue in numerous clubs throughout the city.

Street Parade

Zurich Film Festival green carpet
Zurich Film Festival crowd

Zurich Film Festival in September/October

Discover the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF), where promising filmmakers from around the world take centre stage. With over 160 captivating films screened over 11 days, this event attracts film fans, media professionals and film lovers alike. The ZFF provides an insight into the captivating world of up-and-coming filmmakers. The films on offer range from thought-provoking dramas to captivating documentaries and have something for every film lover.

Zurich Film Festival

Zurich christmas market
Christmas market carousel

Christmas Markets in November/December

Experience Zurich's magical Christmas market on Sechseläutenplatz, directly in front of the Opera House. With around 100 market stalls, the festive Christmas village invites visitors of all ages to browse for unique gifts and enjoy tasty treats. Immerse yourself in the cosy atmosphere, treat yourself to a delicious mulled wine and let the twinkling lights and fragrant delicacies put you in the Christmas spirit. You can find other Christmas markets in Zurich's old town, the main railway station, Münsterhof and at Werdmühleplatz.

Christmas Markets in Zurich

Zurich fireworks

New Years Eve in December

Are you spending New Year in Zurich? Then don't miss the pompous fireworks display at Zurich's lake basin. At 23.40 pm, the melodic peal of the Grossmünster bells rings out, signalling the anticipation of the New Year. At exactly 00.19 am, the city lights are dimmed so that at 00.20 am the night sky lights up with a breathtaking fireworks display over glittering Lake Zurich. Marvel at the vibrant colours and dazzling explosions as you welcome the New Year.

New Years Eve in Zurich

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