Spitsbergen Natural Paradise

Glittering ice floes, calving glaciers, untouched landscape - Spitsbergen's nature is fascinating. Despite harsh conditions, there are survival artists that have adapted optimally to the climate: Around 160 plant species are native to Spitsbergen.


A Surprising Climate

The archipelago lies on the 80th parallel and is only 1000 km from the North Pole. Nevertheless, many coasts are ice-free in summer - thanks to the warmth of the Gulf Stream. Although a record-breaking temperature of +23°C was measured in the summer of 1987, fresh snow is not uncommon in summer.


Glaciers as far as the Eye Can See

Spectacular glaciers, some of which reach into the sea, and the moraine landscape that has emerged from them shape the image of Spitsbergen. Peace and space are always present - in harmony with nature.

Pack Ice and polar bear

Through the Pack Ice

Not easy, but when it's done, it's an incredible feeling: landing on a lonely ice floe. There is a lot of pack ice, especially in the east of Spitsbergen. You make your way through the ice floes in search of polar bears.

Photo credits

  • Header - Photo by Elsbeth Hüsser (Kontiki Reisen) 
  • Paragraph 2 - Photo by Patrick Niederberger (Kontiki Reisen) 
  • Paragraph 3 - Photo by Kontiki Reisen from Shutterstock 
  • Paragraph 4 - Photo by Kontiki Reisen