Girl playing at the beach

Family Adventures in Phuket

Beautiful beach

The island of Ko Phuket in southern Thailand has many facets: idyllic sandy beaches, rustic jungles and bustling streets. There is also a pot pourri of cultural highlights and exciting activities for the whole family. Edelweiss presents to you its selection of the best.

Elephants taking a bath

Giants up Close

At the Green Elephant Sanctuary Park you have the opportunity to get to know and feed elephants in their natural habitat. Your visit will also support the vision of the Swiss founder of the park, Urs Fehr, who wanted to provide a place of refuge for these endangered elephants. And he has succeeded in doing so. This 40,000 square metre reserve was designed in accordance with European animal welfare laws where these gentle thick-skinned animals can feel safe and paddle as elephants love to do. 

Carnival Magic Entrance

Homage to Celebration

The brightly flashing temple façades, the bright pink, oversized elephant figures or the dancers’ neon-coloured costumes in the street parade: there is plenty for the family to explore at the Carnival Magic theme park. Here you will get to know and love Thailand’s vibrant and lively celebratory culture in a very special way. Over 40 million lights will make your evening visit an illuminating experience in every respect.

Man on a zipline
Boy doing ziplining

Above the Jungle

The name “Hanuman World” was not chosen for Thailand’s largest zipline park simply by chance. The extremely popular Hindu god, Hanuman, usually appears in the form of a monkey. If you brave the “Skywalk” on the suspension bridge and let your gaze wander over the treetops of the jungle, you’ll feel very close to your animal ancestors. Whether you’re 4 or 80 years old, the zipline park is suitable for any adventure lover. The only condition: leave any fear of heights behind.

Group in a rafting boat

Adrenaline for Young and Old

It’s now getting really wild, when you visit the jungle of Phang Nga, just over a two-hour drive from the provincial capital Phuket. Here you and all the family can plunge into the rapids with an experienced white-water guide in a sturdy inflatable boat. You must be at least 4 years old for this. Previous adventurers who faced the rapids and the spraying surf were thrilled and concluded: “If you’re looking for action, this is the place for you!” 

Slide in water park
Colourful slides

Water Fun Ahead!

In the Splash Jungle Water Park you can choose between the classic wave pool, a whole water world only for children or the Family Raft Ride. As is sometimes the case with families (on dry land too), you can expect turbulence and unexpected twists and turns on this slide. But most importantly: you all sit in the same boat and master the journey together. And if you need some refreshment after all that? You’ll find something for every taste in no time, whether you’re looking for classic portion of fries or street food. 


Visit to the Gibbons

A stereotypical feature of gibbons is their bouffant “blow-dried” hair style, a distinctive snout and limbs that always seem a bit too long. These delightful animals are often torn from their natural habitat and dressed in costumes to amuse the tourists. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre in Khao Phra Taeo National Park is a rescue centre for gibbons that have already endured a lot in their ape life. The aim is to promote knowledge about these furry primates and bring them back home into the jungle. 

Trickeye Museum

Forever Family Moments

A couple dances on the beach, he in a suit while she is in a red dress. Two people are standing to the left and right holding umbrellas against the wind. Do you recognise the famous painting? It’s “The Singing Butler” by Jack Vettriano, of course. Now imagine one of your family members becoming part of the painting and dancing on the beach. In the Trickeye Museum they really can. There’s a whole range of visual illusions awaiting you here, including the best spots for a different kind of family photo.

Slide with view in water park
View over the waterpark

Land of Opportunity

Swimming in the lagoon, lunch or lifestyle shopping village: there are activities for all the family in the Blue Tree Recreation Park. Sportier members of the family can choose between wakeboarding, stand-up paddle boarding and underwater scooters in the lagoon, or a game of beach volleyball on land. The family’s more relaxed members can spend their time strolling through the shopping arcade in their own way or enjoy a pleasant look at the sporting activities in the water while enjoying a cocktail from the Tree House.

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