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Castle, Mountain and Harbour - 24 hours in Kalamata

Drink in sunset

Ancient archaeological sites, waterfalls in the middle of the forest and cocktail bars with sea views: Kalamata in the Peloponnese has many facets. We present the most beautiful of them to you.

Café in city center

Enjoying life at the city center

On "Vasileos Georgiou Square" in the city centre, you can get a first impression of the country, the people and the way of life in numerous cafés. The "Bodega", for example, gets you off to a good start with an espresso, freshly squeezed orange juice or a sumptuous chocolate milkshake. Kalamata's centre is not only a good place to sip drinks in the sun, but also to get a first taste of Greek cuisine. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the Farmer's Market is held here, where you can taste and buy kilos of Kalamon olives - which give the town its name - and other specialities.

Old ceramic bowl

Small treasure trove

From the outside, the "Archaeological Museum of Messenia" on the market square in the city centre is hardly noticeable. But inside, it guards artefacts dating back thousands of years that were found during archaeological excavations in the vicinity of Kalamata. From the water jug to the elegant vase to the soup spoon - here the love is in the detail of the small things that were part of the daily life of the population in ancient times. This creates a vivid picture of the various epochs, a "history from below" in the truest and best sense.


Want to cool off?

The ideal place for a lunch break with a reliable cooling effect is the Polylimnio waterfalls, which are located in the forest about 30 kilometres from Kalamata. It's a five-minute walk along a narrow wooden boardwalk into the middle of the greenery. Already the paradise of the Polylimnio Gorge stretches out before your eyes with waterfalls up to 30 metres high and 15 small lakes - all filled with crystal-clear water, surrounded on the left and right by rocks and olive trees. Which of the natural swimming pools do you choose for a short refreshment?

Traditional food

Traditional cuisine at lunchtime

Sometimes it should, sometimes it must be like in the old days: "Authentic Greek home cooking like at mum's" - that's what the tavern "Ta Rolla" is loved and praised for. Here, the Greek casserole dishes pastizio and moussaka taste like in hardly any other place. No wonder, since the legendary restaurant has existed since 1924. Enough time to perfect the dishes - and of course the taste of the in-house retsina wine.

Old buidling

Ancient Greece in the Here and Now

Holidays in Greece - for all your love of sun and sea - are only real holidays if you venture at least once into the numerous traces of antiquity. Few locations, if any, are more suitable for this than the former polis of Messene, about 40 minutes by car from Kalamata. From the city wall to the assembly hall to the mausoleum: the city has numerous ancient buildings to offer. A special highlight is the arena, excavated only a few years ago, where the inhabitants once gathered to pursue one of their favourite pastimes: watching sports together.

Old castle
Old castle

Strong stones, fast steps

Admittedly, a castle from the 13th century, which is almost"modern", is not what you would expect as a historically significant building in Kalamata. And yet "The Castle" is one of the city's landmarks. Perched high above, the stone walls defy time and ground every visitor with their sheer mass. No wonder this place was chosen as the backdrop for the annual Kalamata Dance Festival in summer, where dancers give you goosebumps - as does the panoramic view over the city and the countryside.

Beach bar

Dinner with sea view

Tricky has the best burgers, sandwiches and cocktails inside and outside. But fans of vegetarian and vegan cuisine will also be happy here. Take a seat in the iconic interior for a quick break on one of the turquoise leather bar stools and enjoy your drink in peace, surrounded by palm leaf wallpaper. Or make yourself comfortable in front of the house at tables under straw umbrellas: feet in the sand, the sea in view - where could an evening meal taste better?

Promenade of Kalamata

The flâneurs' dream

Kalamata is a port city, or more precisely the largest in Messinia. And where it has a harbour, picturesque promenades often beckon you to stroll along. End the exciting day in the city with a contemplative and digestive walk in the evening sun. The best place for this is the "Navarinou" stretch, quite rightly praised as "Kalamata's famous waterfront" - and also equipped with a nice long cycle path.

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