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Denver Makes Family Dreams Come True


Denver’s unique location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains not only offers plenty of natural experiences, but it’s also Colorado’s most populous city where family members – young and old – can experience plenty. We'll show you where you can discover the world’s smallest teacups, America's best rollercoasters, and the city’s most unusual sweets.

Little cup

Have you ever heard of the “Japanese friendship doll”? This is not just an ordinary doll that you play with, but a piece of political history from the 1920s. At that time, Japan and the United States exchanged dolls to send a friendly political message. 58 dolls made their way from Japan to American museums and libraries. In addition to the doll in a flowered Yukata, the “Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys” also features fingernail-size teacups, pots, and beer steins. This cultural heritage not only prompts peace in a strange way, but also makes you thirsty when you look at it for a long time.

Denver Museum of Miniatures

Mammoth statue
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Brain Teasers for Nature Lovers

The “Denver Museum of Nature and Sciene”, which dates back to 1868, is a stone’s throw away from the Denver Zoo. Natural scientist Edwin Carter moved to Breckenridge, Colorado, and exhibited preserved native wildlife in his log cabin. The “Carter Museum ”soon became a real attraction – and quickly became too small for all the exhibits. Carter’s treasures – plants, birds, and mammals – formed the foundation of the museum's collection. Walking in the footsteps of the legendary settler, children and adults can view black holes in the museum’s planetarium or examine body cells under a microscope in the “Expedition Health” exhibition.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Baseball stadium
Baseball player

Extravaganza for Beginners

None of you know anything about baseball? Wonderful! Then head to “Coors Field” Stadium, which is just a 10-minute drive from the Natural History Museum. Have a seat in the stands and experience US cultural history at its purest: creaky folding chairs, oversized monitors above the playing field, crispy hot onion rings, plus the legendary long-stripe jerseys. The rules? It doesn't matter! It’s the atmosphere that counts. Just remember two words: “home run”. That’s when everyone jumps up and cheers – which happens more often here than elsewhere thanks to Denver’s location (approx. 1,600 m above sea level) and the resulting low air resistance. The stadium got its nickname “Coors Canaveral”, as a reference to the Nasa centre.

Denver Rookies

Kids in rollarcoaster

Fun for Everyone

“Elitch Gardens” first opened its doors to travellers in 1890, when it was a botanical garden. Today, “The Hottest Coasters in Denver” can be found here, as well as the traditional teacup carousel. The best view over the park can be found from the 30-metre-high “Big Wheel”. Another must-see is the “Elitch Gardens’ Carousel”. For over 83 years, 67 handmade grey, black, and bay horses have been making their rounds here, some fitted with colourful saddles and headgear, some harnessed to flowered wagons. A magical journey in time awaits when you take a seat on your favourite horse.

Elitch Gardens

Tour in candy factory
Making candy

A Feast For Those With a Sweet Tooth

A trip to the candy paradise “Hammond‘s Candy Factory” is the crowning glory of your family trip to Denver. Everything your sweet tooth desires is made here: Whether it’s “salted caramel cookies”, sour gummy worms, “coconut marshmallows” or the classic candy cane with its distinctive stripes – the recipes and production have been perfected here since the 1920s. It’s best to book a guided tour of the factory and see how the fantastic lollies are created, with tastings included, of course!


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