Father and son hiking down to beach

On Crete With The Kids

Always just splashing around? Kids also like hiking and visiting museums – that is, if you know where and how. We present the best destinations for families.

Hiking through gorge

Path of Adventure: The Imbros Gorge

If you stretch out your arms at the narrowest point of the Imbros Gorge, you can touch the rock walls on both sides – mom, dad, or your imagination may have to help a little if your arms are very short. In any case, the wonderful rock formations, up to 300 meters high, are impressive and can be admired during a two- to three-hour hike. It’s hard to imagine that the adventurous path at the bottom of the gorge used to be a main road for people and mules. Located on the south side of Crete, the well-maintained hiking trail is suitable for children aged five or older.

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Museums With a Difference

Being quiet for hours and looking at pictures that adults have painted for adults? Children don’t need to worry about that happening in the Lychnostatis Museum. The open-air museum in the north of the island resembles a large garden where traditional farmhouses invite you to dream. Which fairy tale character might have lived here? Children also learn about how olive oil used to be pressed and which animals and plants belonged in each house. They can also run around a little bit while their parents delve into the artistic or ethnographic collection. There is plenty of space, and the museum café offers exceptional almond and cinnamon drinks to try.

Lychnostatis Museum


On the Trail of the Minotaurus

Does your child only know about labyrinths from board and computer games? Then it’s high time to experience a real one! The first of all labyrinths was built in Crete to enclose the Minotaurus, a terrifying mythical creature with the head of a bull. It had the shape of a huge palace, and was so twisted that even the architect could hardly find the exit. Can you find it? Try it for yourself in the Labyrinth Park in the north-east of Crete. There is also a miniature village, a mini-golf course, and an organic garden for children. Even donkey rides are offered. Everyone between the ages of 3 and 12 will have something fun to do.

Labyrinth Park

Kid playing in sand

Carefree Hours on the Beach

Among the hundreds of beaches on Crete, some are especially suitable for children: For example, the calm Kalivaki beach near Georgioupolis, nestled between the mouths of two cool rivers in a particularly beautiful landscape, boasts shallow water, fine sand, and a popular snack bar. For those who want a little more infrastructure, Marathi Beach in the north-west of the island can be recommended. Here you’ll find umbrellas, showers, and loungers available by the crystal clear water, and numerous taverns selling refreshments. The beach is protected from the wind and offers plenty of space to play.

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Stalactite cave

For Cave Explorers and Ghost Hunters

Hardly any culture has such a rich treasure trove as the Greeks. Just take the birth of Zeus, the father of the gods, who is said to have been born in the stalactite cave of Psychro. As he set out on his earth-shattering adventures, he forgot his cloak, which eventually turned to stone: It hangs over an underground lake as a giant stalactite and can be visited during a cave hike. Also exciting: The wide-ranging cave in the east of Crete is not only an important excavation site for artefacts dating back to the Neolithic Age, it is also home to rare bird species and bats. An unforgettable experience for children and from the age of six.

Psychro (German)

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