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The Most Beautiful Scenic Trips Around Bergen


To the South: The Hardangerfjord

Just as spectacular is the landscape surrounding the Hardangerfjord, which winds its way into the country south of Bergen. A day trip here between June and August is a good way to experience the fjord by boat. Visit the pretty village of Eidfjord and take the bus up to Vøringsfossen, Norway’s largest waterfall. Since 2020, an amazing stair bridge spans the gorge, giving you a spectacular view of the thundering water mass. On your excursion, you will also experience the Hardanger Nature Centre, a modern adventure centre that focuses on the topics of nature, climate, and the environment.


View from the Fløyen

The Mountains of Bergen

You can enjoy a great view of the city from the 399-metre-high Fløyen. You can reach the summit in just eight minutes by taking the funicular. It is currently being renovated, but will be in operation again in April 2022. On foot, however, It only takes 40 minutes. A restaurant with a viewing terrace, a kiosk, and a playground make Fløyen an excellent destination for families. There is also a troll forest at the summit with huge wooden sculptures – a real test of courage for smaller children. For the fit hikers among you: you can reach the neighbouring hill Ulriken via a path with 1333 steps. Other ways to reach the top are a hiking trail or the cable car. Your reward: a 300-metre-long zip line awaits you at the top!

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Get out and Explore the Sognefjord

Norway’s mountains with their deep blue fjords offer a spectacular backdrop for outdoor activities and nature experiences. The deep gorges were carved into the rock by migrating glaciers and eventually flooded by the sea. And the Sognefjord, Norway’s deepest and longest Fjord, is no exception. Among the highlights are mystical blue ice caves and great ski slopes and trails in the winter. In the spring, the fruit trees blossoming against the brilliant white mountain peaks is worth a trip to the region. It is also a wonderful place for hiking. The 17-kilometre-long Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005, is also worth seeing – ideally from a boat or kayak.

Fjord Norway - Sognefjord

Folgefonna Glacier
Winter Sport

Summer Skiing on the Glacier

The summer ski resort on the Folgefonna glacier opens as of 1 May. Here you can enjoy not only a beautiful cross-country or downhill skiing holiday, but also a two-day glacier hike in snowshoes with an overnight stay in a chalet – even in the height of summer. But please do not overestimate your abilities! This is a very demanding route even for advanced skiers – you’ll spend ten hours walking on the first day and as much as twelve on the second. The Folgefonni Glacier Team does, however, offer an easier glacier hike starting from the Fonna Glacier Center at 11 a.m. and ending in the afternoon. You can book it as a day trip from Bergen.

Folgefonna Glacier

Enjoying the View

Spectacular Views on Trolltunga

The mountain hike up to Trolltunga, which translates to ‘Troll Tongue’, rewards you with what is sure to be the best photo opportunity of your entire holiday: you’re able to stand or sit at the end of this 700-metre-long rock plateau that juts out of the mountain above Lake Ringedalsvatnet. Ideally, hike up there as a group so that you can take photos of each other. But be aware that the hike is demanding, with 700 metres of elevation in the first 4 kilometres. After that, the hike continues moderately for four to five hours, with only another 200 metres of elevation. And then: Trolltunga – and at least eight others that are waiting there for you to take their photo ...

Fjord Norway - Trolltunga

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