Appenzell Innerrhoden


Getting there

The ten-minute cable car ride from the lower station to the summit of Mount Säntis feels very much like floating


Sure-footed and vertigo-free hikers are in for a treat on Mount Säntis: the Lisen Ridge Trail (Lisengrat) between Mount Säntis and Rotsteinpass includes cragged mountain paths and steep descents secured with steel cables. Summiteers will appreciate the adrenaline rush! However, we recommend that beginners bring their climbing gear.

Walk to the Edelweiss bench

Take a break on a nearby wooden aircraft seat: the Edelweiss bench is located on the terrace by the Säntis mountain station.

Best view

The undisputed highlight on Mount Säntis is the unique mountain panorama on offer, including the scenic landscapes of Appenzell and Toggenburg, the Swiss Alps and Central Switzerland and views stretching as far as Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and France.


The NaturErlebnispark at the foot of Mount Säntis starts at Schwägalp, Set in a beautiful location, the nature park includes a range of themed nature walks and gives visitors of all ages the chance to experience and learn about this lovely natural landscape first-hand.

Restaurant / Hotel

Situated at 8209 feet above sea level (2502 m), the Panorama Restaurant on Mount Säntis offers culinary highlights with a range of seasonal and Swiss culinary specialities for guests to choose from.