CO2 calculator for flights

The partnership between myclimate and the Lufthansa Group has led to the development of an own algorithm that calculates the CO2 emissions generated for every route – from departure gate to arrival lounge. The calculation includes both the route itself and the class the passenger is in. The algorithm is based on an analysis of more than 43,000 flights operated by the Lufthansa Group. It is regularly updated to ensure the calculations are as accurate as possible. In contrast to myclimate, our algorithm is only designed to take CO2 emissions into account, as there are no conclusive scientific findings regarding the influence that other aircraft-based emissions have on the environment. As a result, the Lufthansa Group’s and’s calculators might show different figures. All calculated prices and the information in kg are verified by myclimate.

Converting kerosene consumption into CO2 emissions

To calculate CO2 emissions, the kerosene consumed from gate to gate over a specific route is measured in tons. We multiply the amount in tons by 3.15 to convert it into CO2 emissions. In other words, one ton of kerosene will generate 3.15 tons of CO2 once it is burned.

Donation receipt/certificate

myclimate is a non-profit organisation, meaning that it is not subject to tax in Switzerland or Germany. Your contributions to myclimate for offsetting CO2 are therefore tax-deductible, provided you pay tax in Switzerland or Germany.

Cancelling your flight or changing your booking

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a refund if you change or cancel your flight. If the flight is cancelled by Edelweiss due to issues arising from the actions of a third party, your contribution will be refunded.