help alliance aircraft painting

Together we have been doing good for five years. Worldwide.Hand in hand.

Hand in hand.

Together we have been doing good for five years. Worldwide.

Edelweiss and Help Alliance

Edelweiss for help alliance - that is more than just a business relationship, that is social commitment out of passion. Become a part of the great Edelweiss help alliance family by symbolically buying one of the handprints on the plane. Donate to the joint projects of Edelweiss and help alliance and do a lot of good!

And that's what you can do with your donation:


This is how your donation is used in Sri Lanka:

  • For CHF 100, 10 children in Sri Lanka can attend preschool for a month.
  • For CHF 500, more than 25 teachers can teach English per month.
  • For CHF 1,000, a playground at the preschool can be equipped with new playground equipment.

This is how your donation is used in Vietnam:

  • For CHF 100, a so-called trainer:in in Vietnam can visit a school to support children with autism.
  • For CHF 500, around 5 trainers in Vietnam receive didactic material - so they can accompany children with autism in class for several years.
  • For CHF 1,000, two large events can be organised on the topic of dealing with children with autism in Vietnam.

This is how your donation is used in Thailand:

  • For CHF 100, about four children in Thailand can receive a regular lunch at school.
  • For CHF 500, two school trips per year can be organised for over 30 children in Thailand.
  • For CHF 1,000, the school costs for six children in Thailand can be covered for one year.

This is how your donation is used in South Africa:

  • For CHF 100, four teachers can take part in further training - e.g. first aid training.
  • For CHF 500, about 200 children in South Africa can receive lunch and drinks and thus learn on a full stomach.
  • For 1,000 CHF, the preschool in South Africa can provide learning games and books for about 200 children.

And That’s How It Works!

  1. Click on the "Donate now" link below
  2. Select one of the donation categories (100 CHF / 500 CHF / 1'000 CHF)
  3. Pay for your donation using one of the above payment methods
  4. Receive your very own personal donation certificate
  5. Discover your name on the official donation page of the campaign

A Successful Collaboration Since 2017

help alliance is the central pillar of the Lufthansa Group's social commitment. The cooperation between Edelweiss and help alliance dates back to 2017, and these five exciting years were marked by a trusting collaboration for a good cause. Edelweiss recognized early on that social commitment is more than just fine words: Be it through proactive fundraising on board (even during the pandemic) or further innovative fundraising for help alliance's worldwide projects.

Not only in the air, but also on the ground, there have been exciting activities in recent years, such as volunteer work by Edelweiss employees in help alliance projects in Costa Rica, Vietnam or Sri Lanka. All projects are based on the strict standards of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and in particular on the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) "Quality Education" (SDG 4) and "Decent Work and Economic Growth" (SDG 8). All projects are financed exclusively through donations.

What We Have Achieved Together So Far

Since 2017, thanks to the generosity of our guests, we have been able to collect a total of 1,025 kg of leftover money, which corresponds to a value of almost CHF 250,000. These funds were used 100% for the benefit of the projects.

  • iThemba: With the support of Edelweiss and help alliance, new school buildings were added to the iThemba school in Cape Town. This means that the school can now offer more than 1,000 children a high-quality education in the long term.
  • Sri Lanka: Thanks to Edelweiss' support, the kindergarten in Tangalle, which was destroyed by the tsunami disaster in 2004, was completely rebuilt. The new kindergarten offers 220 children a place to learn again.
  • Thailand: The Learning Centre in Pattaya, supported by help alliance and Edelweiss, offers children of migrant workers a safe place to learn, protecting them from the dangers of human trafficking and crime.

Our Help Alliance Aircraft Painting

The many great campaigns by Edelweiss for help alliance show that social commitment has also become an integral part of aviation. We are therefore taking this intensive cooperation as an opportunity to celebrate this five-year friendship with a very special campaign: with our own help alliance aircraft. In this way, the social commitment of Edelweiss, its employees and above all its customers will become even more visible and will be carried to our holiday destinations with an individual touch.

Where is our help alliance plane right now?

Under the following link you can see where our help alliance aircraft is currently located.