Provisions for medical care even when you're travelling

There is a medical set and a doctor's bag on every Edelweiss flight. And of course, all our flight attendants are trained in first aid. Should you have any health-related questions before the flight, please consult your general practitioner. And if you develop any problems during the flight or start to feel unwell, please notify the cabin crew. They are also there for your personal well-being.

Medication or syringes

Put any medication that you will need in your hand baggage. Despite the security regulations, you can take any essential medication in liquid form – for instance for diabetes – that you will need during the flight with you in your hand baggage. Depending on your particular circumstances, we would suggest that you obtain a medical certificate from your doctor (in English). Any syringes that are required for medical use may be taken in your hand baggage. Please be sure to keep a doctor's certificate (in English) with you in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings abroad.