Booking a seat in advance

Would you like to sit together as a family? Then be sure to reserve your seats now – you can do so up to four days prior to departure.

Baby basket

Baby baskets are cots for very small children up to and including 7 months of age, 11 kg in weight and a maximum of 70 cm height. Would you like to book a baby basket? They are available as follows subject to a reservation of the necessary seat:

  • in every flight class on long-haul flights
  • in Business Class on short- and medium-haul flights (first row only)

Advance baby basket reservation is essential

We only have a limited number of baby baskets available, so be sure to book yours in plenty of time but at the latest 4 days prior to your departure. Although there is no charge for the basket, for technical reasons it can only be fitted in the first row of seats. Mandatory seat reservation for passengers travelling with a baby basket are regulated as follows:

  • 1 adult travelling with an infant with bassinet facility and another child/other children (up to 11yrs), the accompanying child/ren are entitled to seat reservation free of charge.
  • If 2 or more adults are travelling with an infant with bassinet facility, only the adult with the infant gets a free seat due to mandatory seating for the bassinet. All other passengers (adults and children) need to pay for their seats.

Those guests who have made their booking via, are kindly requested to contact our Service Center +41 (0)848 333 593 or our contact form until latest 4 days prior to departure, to book the baby basket and reserve the necessary seats free of charge. All other guests are requested to contact their booking agent.

A separate seat for infants and toddlers (0-2 years)

Children under two years of age are not automatically entitled to a seat of their own. If you wish to book a seat for your infant (0-2 years), please call our service centre on +41 (0)848 333 593 if you are planning to or have booked on All other guests must reserve the seat through their booking office. Having made the reservation against payment of a child fare, you may bring a car seat, for your infant to travel in. Your child will then sit in their own seat not only during the flight, but also for take-off and landing.

Car seats and child restraint systems on board

If you have booked a seat for your infant or child and have a car seat or restraint system, you may bring them with you. This is provided that they are approved for use in an aircraft – check the label on the seat or restraint system to verify (e.g. TÜV-approved for use in aircraft, ECE R44/03 or later series of amendments). Only travel accessories approved by the EASA, the FAA or Transport Canada are permitted for use on our aircraft. Any other travel accessories with an integrated reclining feature or those which have to be fitted to on board equipment may not be used. This is due to safety reasons as well as to avoid affecting the comfort of fellow passengers.

Please note that the seat or restraint system must be able to fit within the dimensions of the aircraft seat (43 x 43 cm) and allow the seat belt to be fastened. Our cabin crew will be happy to assist you with this. Please ensure that your child’s seatbelt is fastened properly whenever they are in their seat. Due to safety reasons, no child seats or restraint systems are permitted to be used in business class on A330 and A340 aircraft.

Two restraint systems that are approved for use on board are: