Favourite tracks on demand

Enjoy plenty of entertainment on short- and medium-haul flights, now available free of charge on board the Edelweiss Airbus A320. All you need is your charged device (smartphone, tablet or notebook). Simply connect your device to our board server to access the Edelweiss Entertainment System and enjoy our entertainment programme.

Overview Entertainment System

Six steps to your entertainment

Before the flight

1. Download the Edelweiss Entertainment app (for iOS and Android);;; 2. Charge battery (not possible on board; we recommend a battery pack);;; 3. Pack headphones/earphones

Link Apple Appstore Ling Google Playstore

On board

4. Once on board, connect to “Edelweiss WiFi“;;; 5. Start app or enter portal.flyedelweiss.com in the browser;;; 6. Enjoy your preferred entertainment content

What takes your fancy?

Movies, documentaries, series, music, playlists, newspapers and journals, flight and Edelweiss information - our inflight entertainment programme is updated on a regular basis and has something to suit all ages and tastes. Whether you favour action, romance, fun, facts or the pleasure of listening, the choice is yours!

How does it work?

Royalty-free content (e.g. ePapers and flight information) can be accessed via any browser. The Edelweiss entertainment app for iOS and Android is free of charge and required to stream movies and music since such content is protected by copyright. Please install the app on your device before departure and make sure your device has sufficient power. If you would like to stream movies and music using your laptop, you will be requested to download a plug-in available on board. Please note that batteries cannot be charged on board our A320. To be on the safe side, we recommend a battery pack or power bank.

As soon as you have boarded the aircraft connect to the “Edelweiss WiFi” and access the content through your app or browser in no time at all. To start enjoying your preferred entertainment programme, plug in your headphones/earphones. We wish you a pleasant flight!

Edelweiss Inflight Entertainment