Edelweiss is pleased to serve you exquisite food and drinks to turn your journey into a culinary highlight.

Alcoholic beverages are free of charge for Business Class and Economy Max passengers. Alcoholic drinks are only served to passengers over 18. Beverages brought on board by passengers or purchased during inflight sales may not be consumed on board.

Soft drinks Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Zero
Mineral water (sparkling/still)
Orange and apple juice
Coffee (with caffeine/decaffeinated)
Price (CHF) for free
Beer Quöllfrisch (CH) - 33 cl Price (CHF) 5.–
White wine Senza Parole Bianco Terre di Chieti IGT (IT) - 18.7 cl Price (CHF) 8.-
Red wine Senza Parole Rosso Salento IGT (IT) - 18.7 cl Price (CHF) 8.-
Champagne Prosecco Treviso DOC il Fresco (IT) - 18.7 cl
Prosecco Treviso DOC il Fresco (IT) - 75 cl
Price (CHF) 10.-
Aperitif Campari - 4 cl
Gin - 5 cl
Bourbon Whiskey - 5 cl
Vodka - 4 cl
Rum - 5 cl
Price (CHF) 6.-
On Bord we accept CHF, EUR, USD and CAD. We accept credit cards too.

We partner exclusively with Wyhus Belp to obtain our selection of wines.

Please note that the entire selection is not available on certain flights.