Check-in at Zurich Airport

At Zurich Airport, there are supervised SWISS self-service check-in machines available. You can find them in the following check-in areas:

  • Check-in 1
  • Check-in 3 (Airport Center, by the airport railway station)

If you travel in our Business Class, you may also check-in at a dedicated SWISS counter.

Baggage drop-off counters

As soon as you have checked-in, please proceed directly to a SWISS baggage drop-off counter. The baggage drop-off counters are located next to the self-service check-in machines in the check-in areas 1 and 3.

At Zurich Airport, we accept your baggage at the following times:

  • During counter opening hours (4.15am to 9.45pm, except bulky goods counter in check-in 3: 4.30am to 12.30pm and 3.00pm to 10.00pm)
  • Earliest 23 hours before departure
  • Latest 1 hour before departure

Please take the waiting times at the counter into consideration.

When checking in baggage for flights to the US on the day of departure or the day before, the corresponding passengers have to be physically present with their valid travel documents at the check-in counter.