Straight to the Magical Northern Lights in Norway

What may have seemed like an impossible dream to most is now a real option: experiencing the spectacular Northern Lights first-hand and in absolute stillness. Tromsø, Norway’s northernmost city, is an ideal starting point for tours by rental car or cruises in the “Hurtigruten”, the Norwegian cargo/postal ship. The Lofoten archipelago is also within easy reach from Tromsø. The island group is one of the most beautiful areas in Norway and a real insider tip in winter. The archipelago’s steep and majestic mountains are a stunning sight. With a bit of luck, visitors may get the unforgettable chance to see the Northern Lights dazzle in all their beauty. The Lofoten Islands are an excellent place to watch this unique natural spectacle. The serene stillness, unadulterated nature, picturesque fishing villages, friendly residents and, last but not least, ample opportunities to practice a wide range of sports -including snowshoe hikes, kayaking or Northern Lights tours- are experiences to be cherished for a lifetime. Accommodation is provided in the red “Rorbu” cabins, which are former fishing huts and a distinctive feature of Lofoten.

Quick facts Tromsø

Flight time

3:55 h


2740 km

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CHF 4.74

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