Surfing and kitesurfing facts

Surfing and kitesurfing spots within 50 km:
24 (kiteboarding), 5 (surfing)
Best time to travel - kitesurfing:
June through August
Best time to travel - surfing:
October through March
Prices - kitesurfing courses:
From USD 95
Prices - surfing courses:
From USD 30
Recommended apparel:
Shorty wetsuit (November through April), Lycra (May through October)
Flight connections:
Flight timetable Punta Cana
Flight timetable Puerto Plata

Edelweiss recommendation

The Puerto Plata province in the north of the island is the place to go for surfing and kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic. With agreeable water temperatures and consistent winds, the region is a water sports paradise that includes Cabarete as one of the world’s top kitesurfing locations.

Surfing in the Dominican Republic

Playa Cabarete near Puerto Plata – a world-class surf spot

Caberete Beach is synonymous with fun, adventure and action. This world-famous beach for kiteboarding and windsurfing is the venue of numerous international contests, such as the Cabarete Kiteboarding World Cup or the Master of the Ocean championship that includes four different water sports disciplines. There are also a host of kitesurfing schools in Cabarete: the ION Club and the Cabarete Windsports Club are to be recommended. The latter also includes the lovely Villa Taina.

Rio Yasica near Cabarete

The Yasica River flows into the Atlantic Ocean on the outskirts of Cabarete and offers a unique seven-mile-long downwind kitesurfing experience from the estuary back to Cabarete (to Kite Beach). The calm waters of the river make it an ideal spot for kiteboarders to practice their kiteboarding tricks. GoKite Cabarete offers half-day excursions to Rio Yasica – also for groups.

Surfing at Playa Encuentro

Situated just a few minutes from Cabarete, Playa Encuentro is the preferred beach of the local surf community. Several surf schools in Cabarete offer courses and surfboards for rent at the beach, including 321 Take Off – whose owner, Marcus, is the founder of the Master of the Ocean championship. Playa Encuentro is protected by coral reefs, so that swells always build in a certain area and break in the same direction. This makes them more predictable and provides ideal conditions for beginners.

For pros: La Preciosa and Playa Grande

Playa Grande and La Preciosa are roughly an hour’s drive from Cabarete. Due to currents, these magnificent bay-fringing beaches are among the more challenging surf spots and only surfable in the winter months with a good northerly swell.

Kitesurfing in Punta Cana: Playa Blanca and Macao

Kiteboarding can also be practiced at Playa Blanca, which is not far from Punta Cana International Airport. Located on the beautiful Playa Blanca beach, the Kite Club Punta Cana kitesurf school offers lessons as well as boards, helmets, kites and booties for rent. Personal items can be stored in a clubhouse locker. Good easterly winds and offshore reefs provide for great waves and ideal kiteboarding conditions.

If you’re looking to ride the waves, we recommend a trip to Macao Surf Camp towards the north of the region. Playa del Macao is an exposed stretch of coastline with an even surf, offering beach breaks to the left and right. Macao Surf Camp offers surfing lessons for groups and individuals, as well as rental equipment including rash guards. After a successful surfing session, you can refuel at the Surf Shack Grill. With its stunning scenery, the beach is also a great insider tip for non-surfers looking to relax or enjoy some nature.