North Macedonia


Holidaying on the Shores of an Ancient Lake

Perched on the shores of the ancient Lake Ohrid, the charming town of the same name entices visitors with its lovely beaches, gorgeous nature and abundant culture.

Situated in southwestern North Macedonia, the pretty town of Ohrid sits on the shores of Lake Ohrid whose history goes back millions of years. The ancient lake is home to an extraordinary fauna, including some very rare species of fish. Ohrid is bordered by delightful beaches of all sizes and preferences: from small and sophisticated to spacious and lively.

Quick facts Ohrid

Flight time

02:05 h


1330 km

Time difference


Exchange rate



Macedonian, Albanian

A cup of cappuccino costs around

CHF 1.05

A monastery and a pile-dwelling settlement

Ohrid’s many highlights include a host of mosques and churches, such as the eleventh century Church of St. Sophia that stands on the site of an early Christian church. Samuel's Fortress on “Gorni Saraj” hill was built during the rule of Tsar Samuel of Bulgaria and is considered one of Ohrid’s most significant landmarks.

The Sveti Naum Monastery, located less than 20 miles from Ohrid, houses both a hotel and the tomb of Saint Naum. The Bay of Bones is another “must see” highlight: this museum on Lake Ohrid is an authentic reconstruction of a pile-dwelling settlement, built on an archaeological site that dates back to 1200-700 B.C.

Wild lynx and a mineral spring

The Galičica National Park is one of the most species-rich nature reserves in Europe and a magnet for nature lovers. It is also one of few parks inhabited by wild lynx.

Albania’s most notable city on Lake Ohrid is Pogradec: situated roughly 25 miles from Ohrid, this lakeside town is lined by some gorgeous beaches. Bitola, North Macedonia’s third-largest city, is approximately 45 miles from Ohrid and not far from the Baba Mountain massif that features a national park and a mineral spring. The archaeological site of Heraclea Lyncestis is just south of Bitola. In sum, whether you’re a sun worshipper, beach fan, culture aficionado or nature lover, North Macedonia caters to all holiday tastes and styles!

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