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When it comes to variety, few large cities can hold a candle to Calgary and surroundings. Situated at the foot of the stunning Rocky Mountains national parks, the city in Canada’s Alberta province impresses with a myriad of attractions.

Calgary has everything a modern city needs to attract visitors: an impressive skyline, a vibrant nightlife scene, plenty of green spaces, a zoo and an amusement park. The city’s most popular landmark is the Calgary Tower which features a 360° observation deck at 627 ft. (190 m) and offers visitors stunning views of the city and the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies influence the weather in Calgary in no small way. In summer, the climate is dry and not too hot, except when a “Chinook” blows. A “Chinook” is a warm downslope wind that causes temperatures to rise to up to thirty degrees Celsius.

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Ample choice for adventurers

The Canadian Rockies usually offer perfect weather conditions for hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Given the region’s diverse national parks with breathtaking flora and fauna, you will definitely feel spoilt for choice. Banff National Park is just a 90-minute drive from Calgary International Airport and is home to the famous towns of Banff and Lake Louise. The Sunshine Village ski resort provides excellent opportunities to enjoy winter sports. While not as well-known as Lake Louise, Moraine Lake is no less scenic and the lake view from the top of the famous Rockpile is one of Canada’s most photographed natural phenomena.

Glacier National Park and Jasper National Park are also stunningly beautiful. The latter is home to Mount Columbia that peaks at 3747 metres and is the highest point in Alberta. These national parks treat visitors to spectacular vistas of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and their breathtaking expanses. The Rockies offer ample opportunities for camping, hiking, fishing and relaxing. If comfort is more you thing, there are a large number of idyllic places and lookout points that are easily reached in a motorised vehicle. The Canadian Rocky Mountains are also ideally suited for travel in a campervan. These spacious motorhomes can be rented at affordable rates. A visit to Jasper Park may also include a detour to Edmonton, the capital of Alberta. This city comes to life in summer, with highlights such as the Folk Festival in Gallagher Park and the TD Edmonton International Jazz Festival held every June.

Ice skates and cowboy hats

Traditions are important in Calgary. Don’t miss the chance to attend a game of ice hockey and cheer with the hockey-crazy Canadians as they enjoy their national sport! Besides ice hockey in general and the Calgary Flames in particular, the city’s residents harbour a special passion for rodeo. That passion is especially apparent at the world’s largest rodeo, the annual Calgary Stampede, which attracts up to two million visitors. Cowboy hats off to this multifaceted metropolis!

A trip to Calgary can easily be combined with a visit to Vancouver on the West Coast. Edelweiss flies to both these destinations, so you can plan your holiday as a tour through Western Canada, in a campervan for instance.

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