Beach, Culture and Party Time

The Turkish Riviera owes its name to the region’s sandy beaches that seem to stretch forever. But besides sun worshippers, Antalya is also a great place for water sports enthusiasts, culture aficionados and partygoers.

Antalya, situated in southern Turkey, is a popular destination for seaside holidays – and unsurprisingly so. From relaxed seclusion to pure entertainment: there’s a beach to suit every taste and occasion. Lara Beach features carousels and a bungee tower. By contrast, the less busy Mermeli Beach offers clear waters and a sense of tranquillity.

Quick facts Antalya

Flight time

02:55 h


2270 km

Time difference

+ 1 hour CET

Exchange rate




A cup of cappuccino costs around

CHF 2.34

Places of interest – wet and dry

The two waterfalls created by the Düden River in Antalya are definitely worth visiting. The Upper Düden Waterfall includes a lovely park and a cave behind the waterfall. On reaching Lara, the Lower Düden Waterfall cascades some 130 feet (40 m) over high cliffs before reaching the sea. Sightseers won’t want to miss Kaleiçi, also known as Old Antalya. The Saat Kulesi clock tower is a popular venue for visitors and residents. And when sauntering along Kaleiçi’s narrow cobbled streets, small cafés offer authentic Turkish food to satisfy any potential hunger pangs.

Journeying into the past

An excursion to one of the region’s archaeological sites will cause explorers’ hearts to beat faster: Termessos figures among the best-kept ancient cities in Turkey, and Perge is home to an ancient Roman theatre. In short, impressions of the past that inspire and enthral.

Anyone eager for a dose of action and adrenaline is advised to take to the water: Köprülu Canyon National Park offers great opportunities for white water rafting down the canyon. Night owls seeking an alternative programme to art and culture will find just that in the harbour area. Whether beach party, beach bar or party boat: Antalya has what partygoers want.

Information for golf fans

A holiday that includes golf, or a golfing holiday? What a great decision to have to make! Let our golf tips inspire and inform you:

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