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Wonderfully Changing

The Kosovo of today has very little in common with the Kosovo of the past. Pristina, the capital of the country, is its political, economic and cultural hub and definitely worth a visit.

Visitors from Switzerland need not worry about suffering from climate shock in Pristina. Similar to our neck of the woods, the weather is moderate which is also demonstrated by the city’s many green spaces. Other than that, Pristina and Switzerland share very few commonalities. The country is still very much in process of change – and that’s precisely what makes it so interesting.

Quick facts Prishtina

Flight time

01:55 h


1125 km

Time difference

Ø Temperature in July
27 °C

Exchange rate

Airport transfer & car rental



A cup of cappuccino costs around

CHF 1.08


The “Newborn“ monument unveiled on 17th February 2008, the day Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia, is a symbol of new beginnings in Pristina. Since then, the monument, which is suitably located in front of the Palace of Youth and Sports, has had several makeovers to reflect current world events. Eager to bring about change and expand horizons, Pristina’s younger generation is committed to organising art events, concerts and a film festival.

Back in time

The Ethnographic Museum in the heart of the city offers visitors a journey back in time. Despite new beginnings, the importance of valuing traditions becomes apparent in Pristina’s small restaurants where traditional Kosovan cuisine is served. Germia Park is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park boasts long hiking trails and a large swimming pool. Besides attracting culture enthusiasts and nature lovers, Pristina is also frequented by those en route to other places in Kosovo, often to visit relatives. Because no matter where in the country someone is heading, Pristina is Kosovo’s unavoidable main traffic node.

Of Bears, Buildings and Bazaars

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