Who are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated and committed personalities with a positive and extremely customer-oriented attitude, who have an above-average willingness to provide service. You enjoy dealing with people, are hosts from the heart and convince with a personable and winning charisma. In addition, you are authentic, have empathy and have a lot of empathy for our international clientele.

What do I have to consider when applying?

Your CV must contain all references or confirmations of employment. If you have no work experience, upload the last certificate of your secondary school leaving certificate (high school diploma, high school diploma, secondary school leaving certificate, etc.). Diplomas obtained must also be uploaded.


If you have not been employed for more than four weeks (work, school, etc.), please describe the nature of your work during this time. Only fully submitted applications via the job portal will be checked. Applications by post or email cannot be considered.

Is my motivational video publicly viewable on youtube?

no However, the prerequisite is that you follow the instructions exactly and select the right options in the data protection settings. If you don't do this, your video will be publicly viewable.

Can I also submit a letter of motivation instead of a motivational video?

No, the motivational video according to the instructions is a prerequisite.

What do I have to consider with the motivational video?

- Put yourself in a good light; no shot in the shade

- No loud background noise and not too much background music / cuts

- Place the camera on a stable surface or have it filmed.

- The duration of the video should not exceed 2-3 minutes

How can I be sure that my application has arrived?

After the documents have been successfully uploaded, you will receive a message via the website and a confirmation email to the email address you provided.

What should I focus on in particular?

Please answer the following three points:

- What does service mean to you?

- Why do you want to become a cabin crew member?

- Why do you want to do this at Edelweiss Air?

What happens in the first phase of selection?

- Examination of hard facts such as professional training, size, language skills, etc.

- Evaluation of the motivational video

- Evaluation of an online personality test (separate link will be sent by email)

- After a positive assessment, you will be invited to the assessment/casting.

What is meant by "declared connection to Switzerland"?

Foreign applicants must be able to demonstrate a close connection to Switzerland and its culture/events. These are, for example, school or professional stays in Switzerland, close contact with family members living in Switzerland, etc.


Swiss German must be understood. It is company language and is also used in briefings, for example. In addition, most of our guests speak Swiss German.

What is the age limit for applying to Edelweiss?

The minimum age is 18 years.

Can I apply before my 18th birthday?

Yes. However, you must have reached the age of 18 when you take up the position.

Is there a minimum or maximum size?

Minimum height: 158cm

If you are exactly 158 cm tall, have your family doctor measure your height and send confirmation of your height with your application. In this way you save yourself and us unpleasant surprises during the obligatory aeromedical entry test.


Maximum size: no defined limit

Can I apply again after a negative decision?

That depends on various factors. If nothing speaks against it, we recommend that you reapply after a year at the earliest. We would be happy to advise you personally in a specific case.

How long does it take to review my application documents?

You will receive a first notification after approx. 2-3 weeks. This is followed by the assessment (casting). You will then receive the definitive employment decision within three working days.

I have not yet completed my apprenticeship/secondary school, can I still apply?

We are happy to accept applications even if they have not yet been completed. However, the apprenticeship/school must have been successfully completed at the time of employment.

Is there a maximum age for an application?

No, there is no maximum age.

I have additional documents that I would like to attach to my application. How do I proceed?

You can attach / upload the documents to your application profile or email them to cabinrecruiting@flyedelweiss.com.


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