For use of cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity or “flight mode” please refer to the table above. Any device that transmits or receives communication but does not have flight mode must be switched off during all phases of the flight.

Hand-held devices

Hand-held devices, such as tablets, e-readers and mobile phones must be safely secured in the passenger’s hand or a pocket during taxi, take-off and landing. Accessories, such as headphone cables, must not obstruct access to the aisle.

Laptops and notebooks

Larger than handheld devices, such as laptops, notebooks or other foldable devices must be stowed away safely during taxi, take-off and landing.

Personal headphones

Personal headphones (wired only) can be used for all phases of the flight and may be attached to your personal device or to the aircraft’s in-flight entertainment system.

Special circumstance

Due to operational reasons the flight or cabin crew may ask that all electronic devices be completely switched off. An announcement will be made by the flight or cabin crew.