Iceland – Country of Contrasts

The island in the North Atlantic excites with incredible diversity and untamed wilderness. Iceland’s breathtaking nature presents itself in wild, authentic and rugged fashion. The country’s myriad waterfalls thunder and roar as they cascade over moss-covered stones; hissing and steaming fumaroles rise from the hot earth, and icebergs, large and small, calve into the glacial lagoon from the majestic Vatnajökull ice cap. In summer, the lonely lunar landscape of the Icelandic northern highlands is an invitation to explore. The West Fjords and the south of the island are home to cute puffins that are delightful to watch. A visit to Reykjavík should not be missed either: due to its moderate size, life in the island’s capital moves at a leisurely pace. The cityscape is shaped by colourful houses. Reykjavík’s most distinctive landmarks are the Hallgrímskirkja Lutheran parish church and the spectacular Harpa concert hall.