December 2016;;; Redesigning of the Edelweiss Crew uniforms– for the first time in twenty years. The new uniforms were created by the ASANDRI design studio in Zurich. ;;; ;;; October 2016;;; Edelweiss received the Swiss Travel Award 2016 in the category ”Airlines Short-/Medium-haul“ and came third in the category ”Airlines Long-haul“.;;; ;;; October 2016;;; The first of four Airbus A340 aircraft joined the Edelweiss fleet. The interior of the aircraft was completely refurbished, including with the latest generation of comfortable seats and a new lighting concept featuring LED technology. ;;; ;;; July 2016;;; The Züri Fäscht festival visitors were treated to a very special sight. Together with the PC-7 TEAM of the Swiss Air Force, an Edelweiss A320 passenger aircraft performed a spectacular flight formation in the sky above the festival. ;;; ;;; June 2016;;; Decision to further expand Edelweiss’s long-haul route network. Starting in 2017, Edelweiss will fly to Cancún, Costa Rica and San Diego. ;;; ;;; June 2016;;; Edelweiss launched its new “Edelweiss Travel Magazine”. The magazine is available on all Edelweiss flights. ;;; ;;; May 2016;;; Refurbishing of the entire A320 fleet with new seats, a fresh interior design and a wireless entertainment system that enables passengers to access movies, music and digital reading by way of their own smartphones and tablets. ;;; ;;; April 2016;;; Addition of a further long-haul aircraft as part of the expansion programme. The Airbus A330-300 ”Chäserrugg“ was the first aircraft to be named pursuant to Edelweiss’s new naming concept. In keeping with this concept, all future Edelweiss aircraft will be named after Swiss regions in which the Edelweiss flower grows.

A320 from Edelweiss Air


November 2015;;; Addition of a further A320 to the Edelweiss fleet and the first to receive the new Edelweiss coating. ;;; ;;; July 2015;;; July 2015 marked the start of the largest fleet expansion in Edelweiss history. The expansion will be completed at the end of 2018 when the Edelweiss fleet will encompass twelve aircraft. Edelweiss will take over four Airbus A340 long-haul aircraft from its affiliate SWISS. Up to 400 new jobs will be created in Switzerland as a result of the expansion. ;;; ;;; May 2015;;; Edelweiss celebrated its twentieth anniversary. During the summer, scenic flights were carried out with the Edelweiss Zeppelin at six different locations in Switzerland. The flights were available to the general public. ;;; ;;; May 2015;;; Edelweiss expanded its route network and announced the introduction of flights to the dream destinations of Rio de Janeiro, Calgary und Mauritius starting in 2016.

Edelweiss Zeppelin


September 2014;;; Bernd Bauer took over as CEO of Edelweiss. ;;; ;;; June 2014;;; With the refurbishing of the airline’s A330 long-haul aircraft, Edelweiss introduced new Business Class comfort featuring modern fully lie-flat seats which convert into two-metre long beds. The refurbishing also included 15 cm more legroom in Economy Max. ;;;

Business Class fully lie-flat seat


November 2008;;; Edelweiss became an affiliate of Swiss International Airlines and a part of the Lufthansa Group.


January 2002;;; Karl Kistler took over as CEO of Edelweiss.;;; ;;; November 2000;;; Edelweiss operated its first long-haul flight on 21st November 2000. The destination of the Airbus A330 was the Maldives holiday paradise.


February 1996;;; On receiving the green light for flight operations. Edelweiss carried out its first commercial flight on 10th February 1996, from Zurich to Paphos via Larnaca and back to Zurich. ;;; ;;; October 1995;;; Edelweiss Air AG was founded on 19th October 1995 by Kuoni Reisen AG and Niklaus Grob. Niklaus Grob became the airline’s first CEO.

Founding of Edelweiss Air AG