Drinking on board

The lower humidity will draw moisture from your body, making you feel thirstier than usual. It is important to drink a lot. We recommend drinking plenty of mineral water (or fruit juice) to make up the deficit.


Drink as much as you can before the flight – and during it, of course. Flat (uncarbonated) water is best – the carbon can cause bloating. Avoid things that will dehydrate your body even more. They include alcohol, coffee and black tea.

Too much alcohol on board

People who are inebriated are unpredictable. Any resulting negative behaviour will affect flight safety. Furthermore, if these passengers ignore any instructions given by the crew, this constitutes a violation of the Aviation Act. If they cause a disturbance, the legislator may punish them with monetary fines and/or even imprisonment. Inebriated passengers are often more than a nuisance for the other passengers and for the crew. If an inebriated passenger impairs flight safety, the captain is entitled to divert the flight. Police will be waiting for the passenger at this airport to escort him or her from the aircraft. The passenger will bear the costs for an escapade of this kind. In order to prevent situations such as these, you are not allowed to consume any alcohol you bring with you on board (this also applies to purchases made from the Duty Free Shop). Thank you for your co-operation.