Cuban Tourist card

All non-Cuban citizens – whether adult, child or infant – need a tourist card if they are spending less than 30 days in Cuba. You can extend this tourist card yourself in Cuba for a fee; the extension is usually confirmed with your hotel booking. The Cuban authorities check the tourist card when you enter Cuba.

In order to obtain the tourist card, your passport must be valid for at least six months after your return date. The card is obtainable against presentation of your passport and payment of a fee of CHF 50.–, for instance at the gate at Zurich airport just before departure. Travel agents and the Cuban embassy also sell these cards.

Visa for Cuba

Would you like to spend more than 60 days in Cuba or are you visiting the Caribbean island for non-tourist reasons? Then you will need a visa.

Insurance is obligatory

If you do not live in Cuba and are entering the country as a tourist, you must provide evidence of health or travel insurance, which the Cuban authorities recognize. This confirms that any medical attention you may require while you are visiting Cuba will be covered. Insurance policies, insurance cards or travel insurance receipts are satisfactory as confirmation.

Be sure to establish in advance that your insurance company will meet the costs in Cuba. If you do not have this confirmation, you must arrange for it through the Cuban state assistance company "Asistur".

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