The rules and regulations for travelling by air with animals differ from country to country. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure all necessary documents have been issued and authorities contacted.

Limited transportation / Embargo

All destinations: The maximum number of animals allowed to be transported per person is two (regardless of whether the animals travel in the cabin or in hold). Dogs and cats may travel only once they have reached the age of 12 weeks. For flights from/to USA, it is permitted from 16 weeks.

  • Cuba - Only dogs and cats are allowed to be transported (regardless of whether the animals travel in the cabin or in hold)
  • Egypt - Only dogs are allowed to be transported (regardless of whether the animals travel in the cabin or in hold).
  • Seychelles (Mahé) - An embargo on all types of animal transportation is in place
  • South Africa (Cape Town) – Please contact our Service Center to book the animal and obtain information on what documentation needs to be provided for travel from Cape Town. Animals to Cape Town may only be transported as cargo.
  • Scotland (Edinburgh, Inverness) – All animals must be booked as cargo through Extrordinair.

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Travelling in the cabin

Only dogs and cats weighing up to a maximum of 8 kg including the pet carrier may travel in the cabin. ;;; If your pet is travelling in the cabin, it must do so in a waterproof soft container (maximum dimensions 55 x 40 x 23 cm) with adequate circulation.

The container must be closed whilst on board and your pet's head must stay within the pet container. The animal is not allowed to leave the container during your stay on board. The container must be stowed under your seat for the duration of the flight. The nature of the seats on the Airbus 330/340 makes this impossible in Business Class. The crew will put the transport container in the wardrobe, in an overhead locker, or under an Economy Class seat for takeoff and landing.;;; ;;; If you want to take your pet in the cabin with you, it is essential that you book this in advance, up to 4 days before your departure, through your booking centre.

Assistance Dogs on board

Assistance Dogs, (e.g. guide dogs, Emotional Support Dogs) will be carried free of charge. Accepted are Assistance Dogs for travel with a qualified individual with a disability who requires the animal to assist them in the performance of necessary activities. Documentation may be requested upon booking, to confirm that the dog has been trained for these activities. Edelweiss, in its sole discretion, will determine if the documentation is sufficient. Furthermore, in order to transport Assistance Dogs in the cabin, a doctor's certificate may be requested to prove the passenger’s dependency upon the dog. No animals other than dogs are accepted. An advance notice of 48hrs prior to departure is required for the transport of an Emotional Support Dog. For travel to/from the US special conditions apply.

The right pet carrier

Do take the greatest possible care when purchasing the suitable transport carrier for your pet. Remember that you are taking your pet out of its normal environment, and that might cause it to feel stressed. Tip: It is a good idea to try and get your pet accustomed to its carrier before you travel.

Transport carrier in the hold

You as the owner of the animal are responsible for paying to rent or purchase the suitable pet carrier. Transport boxes are available from the Swissport Supervisor desk or from any good pet shop.;;; ;;; No more than two animals, that are of comparable size and weighing 14kg or less each, may be transported in the same kennel. They must be able to stand, lie down and move in the crate.;;; ;;; We recommend checking in at the airport at least 1.5 hours prior to departure.