Travelling with pets

With us, you can take your four-legged friend with you on any route. To make sure you and your animal companion have a good flight, please note the following.

Which animals can fly with you?

Dogs and cats travel depending on their weight and/ or size in the cabin with you. Additionally, dogs, cats, rabbits and hares can be transported in the baggage compartment. Other animals can only be registered as freight through Swiss World Cargo.

Travel documents

As the owner of the animal, you are responsible for ensuring that you have all the necessary documents and are familiar with the import regulations. There are different rules and regulations for travelling by air with animals, depending on your destination. So book your trip in plenty of time and present the original versions of your pet's documents. They include the import, export and transit papers and its health and vaccination certificates. If an animal is not allowed to enter a country because it has not had the required vaccinations, you as the owner must pay for the return flight.

Immigration regulations

The applicable rules and regulations for bringing animals into Switzerland are available from the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office. Please be sure to obtain all the necessary information in plenty of time. Dogs and cats from countries that are known to have rabies (you will find the list of these countries on the website) may only be brought into the country with the permission of the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office. Without this approval, the animals will be turned back at the Swiss border and will have to return to their country of origin.