Hazardous goods are substances or objects that could endanger passenger health and safety.

Prohibited hazardous goods

  • For safety reasons, it is absolutely forbidden to take the following with you:
  • Fireworks and signal rockets
  • Soda cartridges, camping gas, full scuba tanks
  • Petrol (including in the tanks of petrol-operated devices), lighter fluid and refill cartridges
  • Alcohol more than 70% vol., household chemicals and toxins in general, paint and paint thinners
  • Lithium battery powered transportation devices (e.g. hover boards, balance wheels)
  • Car batteries and wet-cell batteries
  • Pepper spray, Taser (electric shock/stun) guns etc.
  • Briefcases and diplomatic bags with alarm devices
  • "Strike-anywhere" matches, lighters with "blue flames" or cigar lighters
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Permitted under certain conditions

Hazardous goods
Transportation conditions
Hair spray, perfume or medical items:
The total amount is not to exceed 2 litres or 2 kg, and a single item must not exceed 0.5 litre or 0.5 kg.
Mercury thermometer:
One (1) thermometer per person for personal use. Must be contained in a protective case.
Electronic devices with lithium ion batteries:
For personal use. The batteries must not exceed 2 grams for lithium metal batteries or 100 Wh for lithium ion batteries.
Spare batteries (incl. powerbanks) for electronic devices:
Spare batteries must be carried in hand baggage only. These batteries must be protected against short circuit. Spare lithium ion batteries of more than 100 Wh and a maximum of 160 Wh or spare lithium metal batteries with a lithium content of more than 2 grams and up to 8 grams. No more than two of these batteries may be carried, and they must go in your hand baggage. These batteries must also be protected against short circuit. Devices who’s primary purpose is to function as a power source, e.g. power banks are considered spare batteries.
Matches /lighter:
One small box or book of matches or one small cigarette lighter per person. May only be carried about the person.
Scuba tanks:
Bottles must be completely empty.
Medical aids such as syringes or asthma sprays:
You must be able to provide a medical certificate in English; please be sure to have it with you in your hand baggage.
Electronic cigarettes:
Are only allowed in carry-on baggage. It is not allowed to either use or charge electronic cigarettes on board.

Permitted under certain conditions – permission required

The following items and substances may be transported under certain conditions and with prior permission.

Hazardous goods
Transportation conditions
Fuel containers (that have contained flammable liquid fuel), camping stoves:
May only be taken with empty fuel tanks and/or fuel container.
Diving lamps:
The battery/batteries must be removed and protected against short circuit. In hand baggage only.
Wheelchairs and other battery-operated mobility aids:
Need to be registered.
Oxygen bottles and pressurised containers for medical use:
The bottle must not weigh more than 5 kg.
Life jacket:
A maximum of one (1) life jacket or life preserver is permitted per person.
Avalanche rescue backpack:
One (1) per person. The backpack must be packed so that it cannot be activated accidentally. May not be taken into the USA.
Dry ice:
Maximum 2.5 kg per person.

These lists are not exhaustive.

In the event of violation

These lists are not exhaustive. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in imprisonment, and at the least in a fine of up to CHF 20,000.–.

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