Check-in at the Train Station or at Home in Switzerland: Travel to the Airport Luggage-free

"Flight Luggage Switzerland-Another Country" and "Flight Luggage Door-to-Door Switzerland-Another Country"

Besides at the airport, you can check in your luggage at a train station or at home in Switzerland. Your luggage will travel on its own – from train station to train station or from your front door to the airport. Checking in for Edelweiss flights has never been more convenient, leaving your hands and mind free to focus on more important things. It also means avoiding queues at the drop-off counter.

Information for "Check-in at the train station"

Please note that the service "Check-in at the train station" will be ceased by April 3rd, 2018. You still will be able to have your luggage transported directly to Zurich Airport.

Option for Flights to Switzerland: "Flight Luggage Another Country-Switzerland" and "Flight Luggage Door-to-Door Another Country-Switzerland"

Your luggage can be shipped back from any airport in the world to Switzerland via sales channels with a flight luggage station. Avoid the wait in the baggage claim area and enjoy even more luggage freedom.

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