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Great travel for our great little ones

The thought of travelling with children on long-haul flights can be quite stressful. At Edelweiss, we are committed to pampering our youngest passengers, so that their time on board will simply fly by.

Infants who get fidgety waiting at the gate. Babies who need to be carried from check-in to the boarding gate, children who do not like the food served on board.

These and similar concerns about flying with children are widespread – which is why many parents forgo it altogether. But it doesn’t have to be like that. At Edelweiss, we are committed to making our youngest passengers feel at home on board, especially on long flights. As Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline, our focus is on looking after every passenger - which also means taking extra good care of our youngest passengers.

Zurich Airport – a children’s paradise

The fun starts long before take-off. Passengers who check in their child’s push chair/stroller (fully-collapsible, one-piece push chairs/strollers may be carried on board) can rent one for five Swiss francs for transport within the airport right up to the gate. This also facilitates passing through the security check.

To ensure that waiting at the gate does not turn into an ordeal for families, Zurich Airport offers “Family Services“ in the departure areas A and E. The large-spaced playrooms are equipped with toys for children of all ages, a PlayStation, computer games, a football table and an arts and crafts area. There are also facilities for families with infants, including changing tables, baby-care products, rooms for sleeping and breastfeeding and a kitchenette with a microwave and other necessary utensils. A qualified Family Services team is available for information and assistance, and to help with minor medical issues or to arrange medical assistance. These services are free of charge for passengers of all airlines.;;; ;;; Find here further information.

Baby on board

Once on board, Edelweiss will take excellent care of all family members and make sure everyone is comfortable. Baby baskets are available on long-haul flights for infants up to eight months (max 70 cm/11 kg) and can be reserved no later than four days before departure. The reservation is free of charge. We recommend reserving in advance, as availability is limited. To order a baby basket, you must reserve a seat designated for that purpose. This is due to technical reasons, as the baskets can only be installed in the first row of the cabin.

If an adult is travelling with a baby and has a baby basket reservation, the adult and all accompanying children (up to 11 years old) receive free seat reservations. If more than two adults are travelling with a baby and have a baby basket reservation, the seat reservation is only free for one adult. The standard seat reservation fees apply for all other guests (adults and children). Baby baskets can be reserved in all travel classes on long-haul flights, but only in Business Class (first row) on short- and medium-haul flights. Passengers who made their reservation via can reserve a baby basket and seats by phoning (0)848 333 593 or by e-mailing All other passengers are requested to make their free seat reservation via their booking agent by no later than four days before departure. We ask all other guests to contact their booking office.

Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline is dedicated to making families with babies feel relaxed and at ease on board, which includes providing additional blankets as well as extra-large overhead bins; because we know that passengers travelling with infants need to pack all sorts of things in their bags and suitcases. Nappy-changing tables are available in the toilets, and a member of the Cabin Crew will be happy to heat up milk, water or baby food.

Entertainment programme to counter boredom

Children who have outgrown the baby stage tend to be particularly excited about flying. But, at some point, even the biggest of the littlest aviation fans is likely to get tired of admiring the view from the aircraft window – which is when the dreaded boredom tends to set in.

Fortunately, Edelweiss is well-prepared for this and offers boys and girls a wide choice of things to do on board, including watching cartoons and family movies or comedies for children of all ages, from children’s classics like “Benjamin the Elephant” and “Ice Age” to the latest motion pictures. And for children who prefer to relax or go to sleep with something soothing to listen to, Edelweiss has a special music channel with children’s nursery rhymes, songs and popular tunes.

Special menu and a children’s “fashion” statement

Whilst Edelweiss‘s grown-up passengers appreciate our culinary dishes prepared with largely seasonal ingredients from Swiss regional producers, the taste buds of our younger passengers are more likely to crave classic children’s menus and delicious desserts. Not a problem: with a reservation made no later than four days before departure, our young gourmets can look forward to being pampered with a special meal.

And let’s not forget the hugely popular Edelweiss shoulder bag, filled with little toys, puzzle & colouring books, which can be “refilled” on the return flight. According to rumour, several children have been sighted long after their holidays proudly showcasing a red Edelweiss bag.