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An amenity kit for even greater holiday comfort

Where can you get anything for free these days? At Edelweiss! Passengers flying to their holiday destination in Business Class or Economy Max can expect a very special gift: an amenity kit with beach- and holiday-inspired accessories.

As the name suggests, an amenity kit is all about providing goodies. In keeping with that expectation, the Edelweiss amenity kit is a bag full of small gifts that offer even greater holiday comfort.

Photos: Edelweiss

Travel organiser and beach mat for business class passengers

As the leading leisure travel airline in Switzerland, Edelweiss knows how to cater to holidaymakers’ needs and wants. That is why there are five different amenity kits for Business Class and Economy Max passengers full of really cool holiday accessories. The attractive gifts were designed and produced by the inflight products specialist SPIRIANT.

The Business Class amenity kit includes a Travel Organiser for storing travel documents, passports and cards. This way, everything is within easy reach and there is no need to “stuff” return air tickets in the seat pocket in front of you, or put -and potentially leave- your passport there. The Travel Organiser has a really clever feature: it is made out of paper. Since notepads tend not to be readily available at the beach or on city excursions, brainwave ideas and phone numbers of holiday acquaintances can now be conveniently jotted down on the bag. And when that glorious holiday comes to an end, you are left with a unique and very personal holiday memento to cherish. The Mini Beach Mat is a further highlight and features inside pockets for storing personal items or shells collected at the beach. The mat has a wide base and can stand when rolled up or hang from a door hook when unrolled, for instance.

Small vanity bag and sunset pouch in Economy Max

The versatile Vanity Bag is a favourite among Economy Max travellers and can be used to store small items that otherwise tend to disappear into the depths of a larger bag, such as mobile phone chargers, hand sanitisers or lip gloss. Instead, this compact bag is always easily accessible and holds everything you need in the aircraft, at the beach or on city strolls.

A second Economy Max amenity kit features the Sunset Neck Pouch, which leaves both hands free to savour a nightcap as you watch the sunset. Ideally sized to hold items such as money, passport and sunglasses, the pouch closes with a magnetic band and so keeps everything safely stored when worn.

Perfectly equipped for a splendid holiday

The Edelweiss amenity kit delivers exactly what it promises: a feel-good kit for your holiday and beyond. As well as facilitating the storage of your travel essentials, all of the small gifts in the kit are made of lightweight yet robust material. What more to add than to wish you a splendid holiday!

(Text: Sandra Casalini)