Seasonal Highlight June-July

“Schwägalp Bratwurst” sausage ragout with Roesti potatoes

Ueli Zeller from Herisau is the creator of a very special “Bratwurst” sausage, produced high up in the hills of the canton of Appenzell exclusively for Edelweiss. The veal used for the “Schwägalp Bratwurst” is from the Appenzell region. Ueli Zeller is in direct contact with the local farmers – so that a healthy balance between environmental and economic interests is maintained. The “Bratwurst” sausage is a classic Swiss dish traditionally served with Roesti potatoes and an onion sauce. You can now enjoy this delicious piece of Swissness when seated above the clouds.

Onyx Noir, Cave Emery

Cave Emery is a family business with a long tradition. The vineyards are situated in the best wine regions of central Valais, where nature showers its full wealth upon the vines and gives the Cave Emery wines their unique flavour and fruitiness. Cave Emery consciously promotes integrated production, which means working with nature and treating it with the utmost care.