Seasonal Highlight August - September

Lamb cutlets and farmer’s sausage with fried potatoes and grilled vegetables

Grilling meat over glowing embers is a mouth-watering experience. Cooks and food connoisseurs love this age-old method of preparation because it enhances the original taste of a food product. Grilled meat tastes better, is leaner and more natural. A real highlight of our mixed grill dish is the “Bauernbratwurst” (farmer’s sausage). The sausage is produced by Martin Wandeler from Beromünster who feeds his farm pigs on brewer’s yeast.

Seasonal Highlights

Sauvignon Blanc, Onderkloof

The Onderkloof Estate is owned by Beat and Yves Musfeld from Central Switzerland. It is situated in the historical wine region of Stellenbosch in South Africa’s Cape Province. The name Onderkloof means “below the valley” and refers to the eponymous pass which leads across the Hottentots Holland Mountains. In earlier years, all goods shipped to and from Cape Town were transported inland on ox wagons over these mountains. The ruts of the wagons are still visible today. The pass is now a national monument.

Vine Collection