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Seasonal Highlight August-September

Slow-cooked knuckle of lamb with root vegetables and white wine risotto

When nature changes its cloak and colours, there is a desire for a change of cuisine. Our seasonal specialities include a tender game dish, a refined asparagus-themed menu and a summer grill platter. Is your mouth watering yet? Ask our Cabin Crew what culinary delicacies we have on board for you today.

Slow-cooked knuckle of lamb

Swiss expats winemakers

We fl y to the most beautiful places in the world. So it goes without saying that the wines we serve are also among the finest in the world. Most of them are grown on Swiss soil, but a few of the wines on off er are produced by Swiss expat winemakers – in South Africa and California, for instance. Our current selection includes a fruity, juicy wine from Italy and a fi ery Spanish wine, both produced by Swiss expats in their home away from home.

Vine Collection