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Take your equipment with you

We encourage sport. Therefore, your first additional sports equipment category normal (max. 23 kg) travels free of charge on all our flights.;;; ;;; If your baggage allowance is exceeded (quantity, size or weight per item), it is better to inform the airline when you book at least 4 days before departure.

Packing tip for bicycles:

Your bicycle will travel in a hard-shell container or cardboard box (available free of charge at Check-in in Switzerland); dimensions: 162 x 92 x 24 cm.

The tyres have to be deflated, the front wheel and pedals removed and the handle bar set diagonally.

Charges for sports equipment

The following prices apply in all booking classes and per leg:

Sports equipment Price (short- and medium-haul) Price (long-haul)
Category normal (up to 23 kg)
Price (short- and medium-haul)
Price (long-haul)
Category big (up to 32 kg)
Price (short- and medium-haul)
CHF 120.- / EUR 100.-**
Price (long-haul)
CHF 240.- / EUR 200.-**

* The first sport bag category normal is offered free of charge. For every additional sport bag on all flights the additional baggage conditions apply. Only valid on flights operated by Edelweiss or SWISS. Does not apply for codeshare flights or flight itineraries combined with other airlines.;;; ;;; ** The sport bag conditions are to be paid for the first sport bag category big on long-haul flights or short-and middle-haul flights. For every additional sport bag the additional baggage conditions apply. ;;; ;;; The amounts in the table are for reference purposes: in CHF for Switzerland, in Euros for all European countries without Switzerland.

Category Normal

Golf equipment
1 golf bag containing 1 set of golf clubs, golf balls and tees, 1 pair of golf shoes
Ski equipment
1 pair of skis, 1 pair of ski sticks, 1 pair of ski boots (also in a separate bag), 1 helmet
Snowboard equipment
1 snowboard, 1 pair of snowboarding boots (also in a separate bag), 1 helmet
Water skiing equipment
1 pair of water skis or 1 pair of slalom water skis
1 standard bicycle (no motor/not an e-bike) or 1 child trailer for bicycle or 1 unicycle up to 23 kg incl. packaging
1 surfboard (up to 2 metres long)
Scuba diving equipment
1 diving mask, snorkel, flippers, wetsuit, buoyancy compensator, regulator, 1 empty diving cylinder, 1 lamp (switched off, energy source/battery removed, packed separately and secured against short circuit)
Boogieboard / bodyboard / wakeboard
1 board
Kite surfboard
1 kite, 1 board
1 board, 1 set of joint protectors (knees, elbows etc.), 1 helmet, packed in a strong protective container
Archery equipment
1 set of bow and arrows, packed in a strong protective container
Bowling equipment
1 bowling bag, 1 bowling ball, 1 pair of bowling shoes
Angling equipment
1 fishing rod, 1 bag, 1 equipment box or 1 basket
Sporting / hunting firearms and ammunition*
Sporting / hunting firearms, pistols, rifles and ammunition (ammunition must be packed separately)
Parachute equipment
Parachute equipment, packed in a container
1 board, 1 set of joint protectors (knees, elbows etc.), 1 helmet
Tennis / squash / badminton equipment
1 set of rackets and balls, packed in 1 bag
Mountaineering / hiking / Nordic walking equipment
1 rucksack, 1 ice pick, 1 pair of crampons, 1 pair of sticks
Ice hockey equipment
1 hockey bag, hockey sticks, 1 pair of ice skates, protectors, 1 helmet
Inline skates
1 pair of inline skates, 1 set of joint protectors (knees, elbows etc.), 1 helmet
1 set of javelins, packed in a container

* No sporting / hunting firearms and ammunition are allowed to be transported on flights to Scotland.

Category Big

For all the things you will need during your trip or when you arrive at your destination and that are not covered by the baggage conditions discussed so far: here comes the "Category Big". This section includes the following equipment and items. Please register these terrific things with the word "Big" when you book, up to 4 days before your departure.

1 tandem with a maximum of 2 seats (no motor / not an e-bike)
Windsurfing equipment
1 board, 1 sail, 1 outrigger, 1 mast, 1 bag of accessories
Hang-gliding equipment
1 set of hang-gliding equipment, packed in a container
Long board
1 board (more than 2 metres long)
Riding equipment
1 saddle, 1 harness, 1 whip, 1 pair of riding boots, 1 riding cushion, 1 set of polo sticks
Canoe / kayak
1 canoe or kayak (no engine), 1 set of paddles
Rubber dinghy
1 rubber dinghy (no engine), 1 set of paddles
Pole vault
1 set of pole vault poles packed in a container

Please remember!

Edelweiss does not accept sports equipment weighing more than 32 kg.