Dear guests;;; ;;; It is a pleasure and a privilege to serve you high-quality food and beverages on board so that your holiday begins the moment you step on board. My team and I consider your culinary comfort to be a top priority and thus emphasise careful preparation and fresh ingredients using as many seasonal and regional products as possible.;;; ;;; We are honoured to pamper you with a touch of Switzerland above the clouds.;;; ;;; Have a pleasant flight – and bon appétit!;;; ;;; René Bleiker;;; Head of Inflight Services

Lamb’s lettuce with egg
Smoked turkey slices “Zeller”and red coleslaw with apples
Smoked fillet of sturgeon, potato salad with wasabi, gherkins and apple
Home-made salad dressings : French or Italian
Veal ragout “Kilchbühl style“ with glazed carrot slices and snow peas
Poached fillet of char with a parsley sauce and roasted pears
Ricotta-herb cannelloni, chive-cream sauce, diced tomatoes, roasted leek and mushrooms
Discover our seasonal Swiss
specialities. Ask your Cabin Crew
Member for further information.
Side dishes : Mashed potatoes, Beetroot, barley and pear risotto, Seasonal vegetables
Camembert and Leysin cheese with apricot & mustard chutney
Pear-vanilla mousse, pear compote and cinnamon
Homemade chocolate mousse topped with a glaze of passion fruit
Prune streusel cake served with whipped cream

Dine and relax

If you want to relax as soon as possible, Edelweiss offers you a cold appetizer, cheese plate and a dessert shortly after take-off.


Aperitifs Campari
Bourbon Whiskey
Champagne Champagne Jacquart, Reims, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier France
White Wines Cuvée blanche Valais AOC Seraine, Assemblage Switzerland
Preli Piemonte bianco, Cortese Italy
Red Wines Cuvée rouge VdP Suisse Seraine, Assemblage Switzerland
Preli Piemonte rosso, Barbera/Dolcetto Italy
Esencial Tinto «Selección de viñas viejas», Mencía Spain
Port Sandeman Ruby Red, Portugal
Digestifs Cognac
Coffee Coffee, Espresso and decaff einated coff ee by Nespresso
Teas Teaselection from Sirocco
Non-alcoholic drinks and beer