A Seat of dreams!

How about forgetting you are sitting, or lying, in an aircraft. Thanks to our Vantage seats by Thompson Aero Seating, you can enjoy the best in seating and resting comfort on board your Edelweiss flight. Different seat positions provide all the comfort your body needs to relax.

At the push of a button, your seat will convert into a (two-metre) fully lie-flat bed. You will love it! The seat cushions manufactured by Lantal, our long-established Swiss partner, adapt perfectly to your body shape in every position and ensure maximum comfort by means of an optimal distribution of pressure. The ultimate feature: you can modify the cushion firmness to suit your personal preference and pamper yourself with the integrated massage function.

Catch a good glimpse inside the cabin: move the image in the desired direction for a 360° all-round view of the cabin.

This seat is also a bed and features the following advantages:

  • Your seat converts into a (two-metre) fully lie-flat bed.
  • When seated, your legs will love the more than 112 cm legroom space.
  • Different seat position options allow you to enjoy some welcome privacy.
  • The cushion firmness can be seamlessly modified: harder for sitting, softer for relaxing and even softer for sleeping.